Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring is Here (for now)!

It finally feels like spring! I've been waiting for the sunny weather and the warmer temperatures and they are finally here - for now. Next week it's supposed to get colder again, but lets enjoy it while it's here.

The birds have been singing like crazy in the maple tree in front of our house so I thought I'd grab a quick picture of one.
And as any warm and sunny day deserves - here's Kathy on the porch drinking a beer - too bad we had to wait till we got back home to open it!


James said...

Love that Moose, Kath.

Hey, the Beer Store is so close to your house, you'd be home before you could get the bottle out of the box. Just walk next time and bring a paper bag with you.

Joanne said...


you're so cute.


Mikiko Fukuda said...

sure do miss those days of drinking IN the car...oh, the good old days