Thursday, April 19, 2007

finally some freakin' sun!

finally some freakin' sun!, originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

the sun hasn't shone here for weeks it seems. we had a warm march break and then it got stupid cold and rainy/snowy/clouding. i've been waiting for the sun. it came out this afternoon and they say the weekend should be really warm. i'll believe that when i see it.

here are some blue belles (i think) from the side of our house. we bought this place last year near the end of summer so we aren't too sure what sort of yard/gardens we have. it looks to be a lot of work.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Yep, It's Kathy Again

There's a memory that keeps popping into my head and giving me warm fuzzies. It occurred to me last night that perhaps finally, this was the "bloggable moment" I've been waiting for (in case you hadn't noticed, it's been Jeff who's been keeping you entertained the last few months, not me.)

So here goes nothing.

It's simple really. A couple of weeks ago, Jeff and I went up to Collingwood with our friends, Nathan and Rose. Jeff had been dying to go snowboarding, a "hobby" he picked up in Japan, and had not really practiced since being back in Canada. There were some things that fundamentally didn't work about the weekend (like the fact that Jeff drove all the way back to Hamilton Saturday morning, after having just arrived Friday night, for a "job" interview that wasn't really for a job, just for another f***ing list)

However, lest I digress...

I had a hard time getting into the weekend. I had a weird stomach bug, and my mind was quite simply preoccupied, as it has been since oh, December or so, with a variety of issues, ranging from the mundane to the panic-attack provoking.

And then Saturday night, we went to a pub in town. And everything just s-l-o-w-e-d right down. The pub was packed. The food was good. The beer I had made me giddy. And the beers Nathan had made him hilariously giddy. The conversation flowed, and I found myself finally tuning in and connecting (sorry, friends, I know those moments have become few and far between). And you of the best parts was that there was a Leafs game on the TV. A distracting Leafs game, that caused Nathan (and many others) to randomly yell out in the middle of conversation. And it all fit together perfectly.

It was a true Canadiana moment. Yes, how horribly stereotypical. Beer and hockey. But it was really perfect.

While I was reflecting on this moment last night on the drive home from an obligatory family Easter dinner, I had another of those moments. The Hip was on. And it was Bob Cajun. Man, that song has never sounded so good. Jeff was driving, and we both just sang our little hearts out.

I'm not ready for any big conclusions. Trust me folks, I have not arrived. I still find my thoughts mostly wandering, and my mind mostly not connecting. But I'm glad for the little moments when it all comes together, and I'm really here.