Thursday, April 19, 2007

finally some freakin' sun!

finally some freakin' sun!, originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

the sun hasn't shone here for weeks it seems. we had a warm march break and then it got stupid cold and rainy/snowy/clouding. i've been waiting for the sun. it came out this afternoon and they say the weekend should be really warm. i'll believe that when i see it.

here are some blue belles (i think) from the side of our house. we bought this place last year near the end of summer so we aren't too sure what sort of yard/gardens we have. it looks to be a lot of work.


Suzanne said...

Let the pictures start rolling in!

lovetolaugh said...

I WILL!!! lol you are too funny!
Is this Kath?? It said Gypsy left the message??
And don't give me crap!! YOU yourself said that you were going to, as well!!!
Thanks for the killer time, it was stress free (painful..not from you) but great!!!
Thanks Guys!!!
Hey Kath if you have this next week off we can do a morning Non socializing visit to the Chaps for some books and some bucks?!?!?!

lovetolaugh said...

I'm glad it was AMAZING!! And I am glad you getting some sleep!! Thanks for the post!!
I work a 7-7 tomorrow and just got home from work, so i am going to bed too!
See you SOON!!!