Monday, May 28, 2007

japanese water garden redux

japanese water garden redux, originally uploaded by Bob Jones.

today i decided that i am no longer a photographer. i am an artist.

that really just means that i've decided not to feel bad about using photoshop a bit more than to just add a bit of contrast. i still don't like really merged images (although adding a full moon here and there doesn't hurt) but i won't be afraid to over saturate, bring up shadows and down highlights, or add a layer or two of interest.

(sorry about the photoshop shop-talk).

i think i might start selling prints too. who wants a boring standard landscape? why not have some art?

as getting a full time teaching job seems more and more elusive - a career selling pictures that i love to take becomes a much more interesting alternative!


Ashley said...

Awesome blog. Found your link from your Flickr profile. I think you should go for it. Your shots are great. I'm surprised you aren't getting more feedback on Flickr. You certainly deserve it. Feel free to check out my blog sometime.

Rosilee said...

I'll take 4. Our living room wall really needs some help...