Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look Ma! Drywall!

Yes, the drywall is finished. Art (my brother-in-law's friend) came by again today and by early afternoon, it was all up. Look at these beautiful pictures of drywall. Please forgive the lack of superb photojournalism... the great photog, Jeff, was busy. Alas, it was Kathy who is responsible for these mediocre shots.

But look! I know, how exciting can drywall be... We spent this afternoon cleaning out the rooms. I got to use Jeff's beloved Rigid shop vac. And then, on Tuesday, Peter the mudder comes. So our Japanese student will arrive Wednesday night to as yet unfinished rooms, but hey, we'll be close. He expects to be done mudding by Friday.

I spent a good portion of the day fighting with the jungle of weeds and small trees that have completely taken over the right side of the house. I fear that my former student will take one look at the house, and run back to Pearson Airport for the first flight back to Japan. So I'm working on what I can to make the house look a little more "friendly." But it's a fight, and this academic body of mine is not used to the physical labour.

So Robyn, anytime you need to vent some frustration by hacking at evil 4-foot high weeds, you just come on by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

day 18 or so...

well, our company is coming in exactly one week.

i'm not ready. but i'm working like crazy and in my dreams at night i'm still working. maybe i'll get finished in my sleep....

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 16... and counting...

Since June 30th, Jeff has been renovating the house. A much needed renovation, for energy/safety reasons, and a very extensive renovation. The most exciting day was the first day, when a bunch of guys came over and helped Jeff totally demolish what was once our living room and hallway...all the way upstairs. I watched through the thick plastic that sealed off the kitchen from the rest of the house. The plaster dust was really thick and gross.

Since that day, we've fallen into a routine, of sorts. At first we were sleeping in my friend Rita's third-floor apartment. It was very convenient, as it's so close by, but we moved at the beginning of last week. We simply could not stand the heat and humidity anymore. From that point on, we've been living at my sister's. A longer drive, for sure, but full of luxury... air conditioning, for one. And of course, the pool and hot tub at our disposal. Every day is kind of the same. Jeff gets up and goes to the house by 7:30. I sleep a little longer, and then get up and go to work. After work I get to the house, to the sacred, sealed off kitchen, where I make us dinner and do other "kitcheny" things. Shortly after dinner, I go to Dagmar and Dave's, and Jeff follows sometime later.

Throughout this experience, I've realized that I have a strong dislike of this whole process. Which is too bad, really, cause Jeff is really good at it and seems to really enjoy it. I don't like being confined to the kitchen... I'm not exactly a "domestic goddess." I don't like how the house and talk of the house consumes most of our waking hours, and I don't like feeling so completely bored and useless. What with the pregnancy and all, I'm not really supposed to do much of this kind of thing. But next week, when I'm all done work for the summer, and we're getting close to the end of this, you can be sure that I'll find a way to get in there.

And then, when it's all done, and we're moved back in, we're gonna spend a weekend doing what I like best. Road trip!!!!!

This is what is left of the "bathroom" that was once hidden under the stairs. Good riddens! The stink under the stairs is finally gone. Now if only the mysterious stink in the kitchen cupboard would go away...

And this is what was, and will one day again be, our living room. Yes, plywood for a window.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Kelly Clarkson - Sober [LIVE @ AOL Music Sessions]

This song is really meaningful to me. Not because I'm an alcoholic, but for other deep reasons. Sorry for being so cryptic.

Give it a listen the whole way through. There's a part where I like to throw my arms open and just be grateful. I think you'll know it when you hear it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just Another Ordinary Miracle...

Photo a la Jeff. Please check out his flickr site (link on the bottom left) for more amazing pictures. (shameless promo).

So, I heard the most awe-inspiring sound today. I mean, I was kind of blown away by all the emotions it made me feel. I had my first appointment with my midwife, and I heard our baby's heartbeat! Holy cow!!! It's for real!!!

The little guy's heart was going at 160 beats per minute, which is apparently very normal at this stage. Loud and clear. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face or the tears from my eyes. Incredible. When you've never been pregnant before, it's just the most amazing thing to realize that there really is a life growing inside of you. The whole drive home I was lost in a sentimental fog. The sky looked clearer and brighter, and life felt amazingly rich. And I marveled at what God has brought about, knowing the desires of my heart much more than even I myself do.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Update, of Sorts...

So, I don't know if anyone actually checks our blog anymore, or if you've all just given up. But I've been feeling like writing again, so I just might give it a go. I have a few things I want to write about and share, so let's see if this becomes a regular thing, shall we? (perhaps you shouldn't all hold your breath just yet!)

This absolutely f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s photo is from Maria and Nathan's wedding, on May 19th. Yes, my best friend Maria got married! Yay!!

And isn't this next shot just so wildly Canadiana?

The beautiful bride sipping her Tim Horton's? I love it. The funny thing is that Maria married a Nathan. Her sister Rose (on the left, above) is also married to a Nathan. But the even funnier thing is that Maria married an Epp. Can you believe that?? How crazy! She went out to Winnipeg and found an Epp. So now we really are like family. So hilarious!

And there's me and my man.

Maybe this is a good time to tell you that these are the last skinny pictures you'll be seeing of me for awhile.

The slower among you are wondering why... hee hee... I'm enjoying this.

That's cause I'm pregnant!! Ha! Ha! Yes, for real, it finally all worked! Or, as Jeff says, "I done good. I did my job!!"

Maria and Nathan's wedding was particularly sweet because we had just found out that week that "it took." And we kept that delicious secret all to ourselves all weekend. It made every moment sweeter. I'm 12 weeks now, and noticing just the slightest baby bulge. I want the belly to come, but all friends who've been previously pregnant laugh and tell me to enjoy my thinness while it lasts! So there you have it. Jeff and Kathy are finally reproducing. Watch out world. Mark January 20th on your calendars. That's the date to watch!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day One

day one, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.

Yes we started renos again!

What are we thinking? That's what I always ask myself once I'm two or three days in to a big project. I'm actually really excited about this one - but the pressure is really on. We've got company coming in three weeks and its a huge job. But I think it can work. At least I think so now :)