Saturday, July 21, 2007

Look Ma! Drywall!

Yes, the drywall is finished. Art (my brother-in-law's friend) came by again today and by early afternoon, it was all up. Look at these beautiful pictures of drywall. Please forgive the lack of superb photojournalism... the great photog, Jeff, was busy. Alas, it was Kathy who is responsible for these mediocre shots.

But look! I know, how exciting can drywall be... We spent this afternoon cleaning out the rooms. I got to use Jeff's beloved Rigid shop vac. And then, on Tuesday, Peter the mudder comes. So our Japanese student will arrive Wednesday night to as yet unfinished rooms, but hey, we'll be close. He expects to be done mudding by Friday.

I spent a good portion of the day fighting with the jungle of weeds and small trees that have completely taken over the right side of the house. I fear that my former student will take one look at the house, and run back to Pearson Airport for the first flight back to Japan. So I'm working on what I can to make the house look a little more "friendly." But it's a fight, and this academic body of mine is not used to the physical labour.

So Robyn, anytime you need to vent some frustration by hacking at evil 4-foot high weeds, you just come on by!


Suzanne said...

Way to go Epps! You guys are amazing and I am so proud of you and your ambition to keep on going! I know that sounds like a cheesy parental thing to say, not a younger sister type thing to say, but you guys are truly amazing! Jeff, unreal job and you are one of the most steadfast and committed workers I've seen, pulling 16 hour days constantly! And Kath, even though you don't feel as though you're doing much, you are a support and have been amazing through out it all! And, you're freakin' pregnant! (I need to say that at any chance I get)I love you guys!

lovetolaugh said...

Sure Kath I would love to come over, do I get your wages!?!?!?! I am good at manual labour!! LOL Ha ha..I couldn't resist!!

First off,..I love how this is going to more tears baby no more tears!!! Rest and relaxation for you! It's gonna be great!

I will find time this week to come and help with the weeds...just let me get some times with Jenn straightened out. Talk with you soon. Hey can I still leave phone messages at your house right!!