Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Update, of Sorts...

So, I don't know if anyone actually checks our blog anymore, or if you've all just given up. But I've been feeling like writing again, so I just might give it a go. I have a few things I want to write about and share, so let's see if this becomes a regular thing, shall we? (perhaps you shouldn't all hold your breath just yet!)

This absolutely f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s photo is from Maria and Nathan's wedding, on May 19th. Yes, my best friend Maria got married! Yay!!

And isn't this next shot just so wildly Canadiana?

The beautiful bride sipping her Tim Horton's? I love it. The funny thing is that Maria married a Nathan. Her sister Rose (on the left, above) is also married to a Nathan. But the even funnier thing is that Maria married an Epp. Can you believe that?? How crazy! She went out to Winnipeg and found an Epp. So now we really are like family. So hilarious!

And there's me and my man.

Maybe this is a good time to tell you that these are the last skinny pictures you'll be seeing of me for awhile.

The slower among you are wondering why... hee hee... I'm enjoying this.

That's cause I'm pregnant!! Ha! Ha! Yes, for real, it finally all worked! Or, as Jeff says, "I done good. I did my job!!"

Maria and Nathan's wedding was particularly sweet because we had just found out that week that "it took." And we kept that delicious secret all to ourselves all weekend. It made every moment sweeter. I'm 12 weeks now, and noticing just the slightest baby bulge. I want the belly to come, but all friends who've been previously pregnant laugh and tell me to enjoy my thinness while it lasts! So there you have it. Jeff and Kathy are finally reproducing. Watch out world. Mark January 20th on your calendars. That's the date to watch!


James said...

You're it.

By the way, your blog is messed. The stuff on the side pushes your posts all the way to the bottom in my browser. Weird.

Jo said...



I'm so happy for you!

Kathy you look radiant in those photos!

Miss you both, J

lovetolaugh said...

LOVE that you're blogging again!!!!
And even more excited that you've included photo's this time! And of Maria's Wedding to boot, they are great shots (J man??)

You are looking extra sexy in that photo....and I love that you and Jeff Match!!!! Or go well together!!

And I am again super excited that you've joined the ranks of all the celebs on the the run for the bump watch!! It's on my calendar baby!! Can't wait to meet the bebe!!

Anonymous said...

of course we check your blog and this time it was well rewarded. can't get enough of those great wedding pictures. can't wait for the 'bump' to grow and remember your stomach is now public property:-) love you guys, erika