Monday, October 01, 2007

before and after

before and after, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.

i'm amazed that it was only two and a half months ago that we started an impossibly crazy renovation on our house. july first, we ripped out everything to the studs. we moved all our stuff into our kitchen (not being reno'd) and moved our sleeping stuff to a friends' place. twenty-one days later, i started teaching at niagara college for three weeks. that marked the end of my full-time reno time.
five days after that, our japanese homestay arrived. we were a couple days behind schedule at that point, but by the end of the week we moved back into the house. our homestay was with us for almost a month.
summer quickly rolled to a conclusion, and school started. supply work for me has been really busy lately - five days last week. today i caught a break. no supply work so i finally got some baseboard on.
it is a day to remember (for me anyways). you'll have to forgive the bad (photoshop) paint job on the trim. it's up, but as it is mdf and not painted yet, it doesn't have the same 'pop'. it will be white before christmas.
i just thought i'd reward myself with a little photoshop before and after picture. the left is today, the right is two months ago.

(in case the above picture just looks strange to you (like it does to kathy), here's what the baseboards really look like. gettin' closer!


Karen said...

Very nice!

Suzanne said...

you guys are doing amazing! It looks fabulous!

li said...

Great! :-) I like classicism.