Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kaiya's First Week

I can't believe a week has passed since Kaiya's birth. In many ways, time has simply stood still. Everything has gone so well... my healing, our adjustment, even our levels of sleep. I don't think it's supposed to be this easy. But I'm not about to complain!

So now I share with you some random and disjointed thoughts and observations from the first week.

-home births are awesome. There's nothing quite like the peace and quiet and comfort of your own home. And there's nothing like being able to konk out in your own bed immediately after the birth.

-bacon and eggs taste unbelievably delicious after 10 hours of labour.

-meconium (baby's first poops) works as a great substitute to roofing tar.

-always be ready for the squirts. These like to make their appearance in the split second between throwing out the old diaper and putting on the new one.

-breastfeeding hurts. Especially when your little one has a latch like a barracuda. But we press on...

-lanolin has become my best friend (related to above point)

-she reminds us a bit of the show we once saw about narcoleptic dogs. One second she's feeding or squawking, the next she's completely out of it. Cute and pathetic all rolled in one.

-family and friends are invaluable in the first week. I haven't had to lift a finger. In fact, today was the first day I actually ventured downstairs. I've had a week of food being brought to me. How wonderful.

-her scream has changed to a raspy little high-pitched cry that absolutely threatens to break my heart.

-and yes, I regularly check to see she's still breathing. Life has forever changed.

A quiet snuggle after feeding. Although I know that one day I'll probably miss my job and want to go back, for now I can't even begin to imagine it. Everything is about right here, right now. Moment by moment. Nothing else matters.
Our little lounger. This is her sexy pose.
Yes, it may look like a cute yawn, but this was actually a not-so-cute scream!
Proud grandparents. They received the shock of their lives that day. They had just stopped by to drop off some food when Jeff opened the door and said, "Hi! Come on in! We have a baby girl!" I had given birth just two hours before, and three days before my due date. Certainly NOT what they were expecting when they stopped by that day.


medea said...

Congratulations! Your little baby is gorgeous!

Breastfeeding should start to feel better, but if it doesn't soon, get help from LLL or an ICBLC. I waited a long time and I think my experience would have been better if I didn't!

Enjoy these moments- it's hard but soooo worth it!

mariaborito said...

you two are so beautiful! wow! those pictures me smile! great to hear the first week went well. be nice to mommy little kaiya!

Suzanne said...

Amazing! You are amazing! Kaiya is amazing! Jeff is amazing! But, that much more amazing in real life! Great post!