Monday, January 07, 2008

The Super Duper Holidays of 07/08

Christmas is fun when you're pregnant. Completely exhausting, but also entirely fun. Of course, it helps that you basically have permission to do whatever you want. Like konk out for a nap in the middle of the festivities, or get people to bring you food and drinks. I tried my best to take full advantage of the perks ;)

Probably the best part of the holidays was that my pregnant friend Maria was down with her husband, Nathan. She's due a month after me, so we could compare notes and commiserate. What a wonderful thing!

Me and Mre at the church shower that was held for us on December 17th.

Out with the Klassen gals before the shower at Spicy Thai for dinner.

Being goofy with the Klassens at Christmas brunch on the 24th.

Celebrating Christmas with the Urbancok family (+ Rita). Yes, the tacky influence of Japan lingers on...

On a serious note, our friend Rita has left Canada... for good. Rita, who's lived here for over 7 years, is gone. She's off to Japan to complete a Master's degree, and will then settle back in her homeland of Taiwan. She spent a few days with us before she left, and we're really going to miss her. We miss you already, Rita! All the best in Japan!

Me and Jasmine and belly.

At the Epp family Christmas on the 25th.
Sadly, we forgot to take a family picture this year, so these will have to do: shots of an intense game of Cranium.

Hanging out with Maria and Nathan (and scary Panda puppet)
And this one's for you, Jo. Does this face look familiar? ;)

A second shower. Suzanne made this AWESOME blanket for Peanut! (Along with the cutest ever baby hat). Thanks to all our friends and family, we are fully stocked now. Just a little more waiting to do...

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's! All the best for your 2008!


Karen said...

Nice photos and nice new look to the blog! Looks like you had a great holiday visiting with family and friends! Thanks for sharing all the photos!

Jo said...

Kathy, love my picture! I recognize that face all to well ;)

I promise to blog soon...

Perhaps today?

(Can't wait to meet 'the Peanut' and see you and Jeffu of course!)