Thursday, January 03, 2008

...with Bated Breath

It's been a beautiful Christmas season. Relationships have felt richer than usual, especially the one I share with Jeff. Every day I find myself increasingly thankful for his kindness, love, and patience. Now we just await the arrival of Peanut to complete our joy. Please pray for her safe and healthy entry into the world. Thank you.

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lovetolaugh said...

I LOVE your belly! I love this photo, for sure! Great Job Jeffepp! However seeing you yesterday in that snowball shirt was the best ever! I loved your belly! You looked soo beautiful!

I will for sure pray for the wee peanut to enter in safely for both Mum and Bebe! And no stress for Mum and Dad!

I can't wait to meet you little peanut! You are going to hate my laugh, but it will grow on you! Or at least that's what the adults tell me. Take your time, and be quick!!! (how's that for a contradiction??)

Love you two ... three!