Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check out that SMILE!

So Jeff finally convinced me to buy a point and shoot so that I can easily take pictures of Kaiya without dealing with the cumbersome "photog" camera. This is the wonderful result. She's sitting in one of her favourite spots, the little chair that my LINC 6 class bought. Finally, I was able to capture some of the smiles she's been sharing with us this past week.

And on another note, we went to our midwife appointment today, and she's now a whopping 10 pounds 9 ounces. Growing beyond everyone's expectations... that's our girl.


lovetolaugh said...

Awww..look at her little smile! She is soo beautiful!!! I can't believe she's smiling soo big girl like already! And 10-9 that just means that she's getting lots of lovin'.

Seriously you two.. She is soo beautiful. Look how much she is changing.. that's really great.

And YEAH for Kathy's own camera!!!! I'm excited for you to take tons of photo's!! Thanks for sharing these!

Suzanne said...

So unbelievably gorgeous! She is so fantastic and I miss her. Great shots Kathy!

Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable!!! you will want to have your camera hanging around your neck for the next 20 years. the good, picture perfect moments never end. love you all, erika

Cindy L said...

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