Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a Big Suck

So I had plans to actually go out for a bit today. Get out of the house, get some fresh air, maybe feel like a normal human being for a few hours.

But this is what Kaiya had planned:
  She was a funny one today. Usually if she fusses, she fusses for a while, and you have to walk around with her and jiggle her a bit to make her happy. But today was different. As soon as she was against my chest, she was happy and immediately fell into a sound and adorable sleep. This happened continuously throughout the day. Maybe she knew I was kind of ticked with her for her bassinet shenanigans from the night before. Whatever it was, she was a suck, my heart quickly melted, and all plans were thrown out the window.
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lovetolaugh said...

WOW! What a beauitful day to have! I saw you watching her the other night. It is beautiful. I enjoy reading about how you are learning to enjoy your daughter. Learning about her, learning her personality, and just her being. What a gift.

Thanks again for sharing your inner thoughts and beautiful moments.