Monday, March 17, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Kaiya is two months old today. How time flies! Here she is with her daddy, chilling on the couch last night. Jeff was trying to relax a bit. He starts an LTO at an inner-city school in Hamilton today. He's the core teacher for Grade 8. It's at a school he's supplied at a lot and really loves, but it's a big change for him. No longer is he the 'fun' supply teacher, just coming in for a day with no responsibilities other than keeping the class from falling into complete chaos. Now he has to actually plan lessons, mark, meet parents, handle discipline, prepare report cards, etc, etc. All March Break I saw the signs of increasing stress, but every time I brought it up, I was met with Jeff's denial, "No,no, I'm fine." Ya. Right.

In other news... yesterday three of my former students from Niagara College came to visit: Shasha, Motoko, and Modar. One of their first comments was, "Wow. A year has passed since you taught us, but you look younger!" And we laughed about how much their class stressed me out. But seriously, it did. That was one of my worst semesters ever! While the three students who came yesterday were sweethearts, some of their classmates were not. And worse yet, I was responsible for teaching them both writing and grammar. Nasty combo. It's very surreal for me to look back on that semester now. Most evenings and weekends were spent marking and prepping. I remember spending reading week with Maria in Winnipeg and feeling at the end of myself, thinking that I just could not handle the stress of the workload and the personalities for much longer... and then, in typical Kathy fashion, agreeing to add four more hours of teaching to my work week. Crazy. Now, a year later, both Maria and I are in a far different place - Mommy Land! I actually have time to read novels, add new recipes to my collection, and enjoy weekends! And I have the mental space to toy with the idea of writing for real (don't get me wrong... blogging is fun, too). (Oh, and don't necessarily expect anything to come of my toying). It's amazing how one year can change everything.
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Jo said...

A year can bring so many changes! No kidding eh!

Love the picture. It's not often that we get to see Jeff in front of the camera!

We'll talk soon peaches!

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