Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vintage Footage

We've heard that some of you are waiting for video footage of Kaiya. There's been all sorts of trouble posting video from picasa - all of which I'm sure was our fault. Finally - one of the videos is up - but it's from February 8th - true vintage now that Kaiya is twice the size and actively trying to figure out where her fingers are!

Here's the link:

Remember that she is only three weeks and a day old here. We've been told that babies don't smile at three weeks... ;)

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Suzanne said...

So adorable! Video is so great because you can actually hear sounds! I love her little growls and grunts. She's darling.
For video, I've been using google video which has worked well, but the quality doesn't seem to be as good as yours though. Thanks for sharing!