Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our growing girl

I see how the blog has changed since Kaiya's arrival. Far more pictures, far fewer musings. A lot is going on internally, but I feel it too private to share. This baby girl has taken my world by storm. I love watching her grow and develop, and I enjoy spending time with her more and more, but I admit that my new role as mother is causing a lot of inner rumblings. There's a lot to process and digest, especially as I experience a clash in some of my different worlds. Sorry if I'm being vague.

Thankfully, the sunny weather is upon us, and we're out travelling a whole lot more. But there are still days when I gripe over the individualism of our culture, and I feel utterly alone. I imagine all the other moms out there in North America, in their separate homes with their separate cars and their separate lives, and I sigh. And then I email Maria.


She has started to giggle. How can I even begin to describe the joy this brings to Jeff and I? It's the most incredible sound in the world. It's still rare, and so that much more precious. Today, when Jeff came home, he bounced her around in his arms, and time stood still. She was delighted to see him, and the giggles just erupted from her little marshmallow belly. I kept jumping around and exclaiming like someone who had lost their mind.

It's amazing how these little ones entertain us. I could talk for hours about how she talks and drools and smiles and chews. How did these seemingly insignificant gestures become so show-stopping?

Enjoy the latest and greatest:

  Kaiya having some fun with Uncle Dave.

And getting ready for a walk. That little blankie used to be mine when I was a kid. It's amazing the snuggly-ness it still causes me to feel. Kaiya's mouth has taken to alternating between her thumb (or fist) and the blankie.

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Anonymous said...

ack can't wait to meet this girl on sunday!!!! j

James said...

We (the internet world) respect your privacy.

Your gripe about individualism makes me wish we had a kid too and lived nearby.

I don't think I've laughed as hard as this past weekend. Between Ruth and her silly "hat", and Kaiya's open mouthed smile... Kids just have a way of bringing out the joy.