Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our Little Toad...

  ... is three months old!

Things we love about Kaiya:
-her chubby chubby cheeks
-her beautiful, wide, open-mouthed smiles
-the way she sucks her fist, and the smoochy sounds it makes
-her morning greeting: a big, huge smile
-her excited kicks and coos on the change table
-all her funny little gurgles and goos
-her fuzzy head and massive bald patch ;) taking after dad...
-the way she's started batting at her toys
-the way she holds on to us with her little, curled-up fists when we hold her
-the way she goes to sleep without a fuss
-and absolutely, the #1 thing we love about Kaiya is the fact that she sleeps 11 hours every night!!!

It's been a good three months.
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Suzanne said...

You guys have an incredibly amazing baby and I love her! She is so wonderful and I agree 100% with your list. She is incredible!

Anonymous said...

OMG those cheeks absolutely kill me!

so i may be in t.o may 3, thinking of scooting over to st.kitts for a visit after

up for some company?

(i think that'd be golden week in jp which seems somehow fitting)

let me know


Anonymous said...

I found you Mr. Epp!! Kaiya (sp?) is adorable :) What a perfect bit of loveliness to go home to after a day in the "hood".

Anonymous said...

And it just keeps getting better and better !!! I relive my "mom" days with Miki and Emi through your experiences. Thank you for the posts. Keep them comming.


Yang said...

I can imagine how cute your princess,and all things you love your Kaiya.I'm just amazing she sleeps 11 hours every night!!!???
You're so luckyyyy :).

Yang said...
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