Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Delicious Jolly Jumpers

We've started to notice that Kaiya loves bouncing. She rewards us with her elusive giggle every time Jeff bounces her around in the air. However, this bouncing quickly becomes very tiring. She hasn't earned the nickname "Little Buddha" for nothing! At four months, she was already over 17 pounds. Yikes!

So on Saturday we went out and bought our little princess a Jolly Jumper. As a baby, I spent many happy hours in that wonderful contraption. And with Kaiya's new-found love for bouncing, we thought the timing was right.

Unfortunately, Kaiya has absolutely no interest in putting weight on her legs. You can hold her up and put her feet on a flat surface, and she will just hang there with her big, chubby jelly legs. So I think we were also secretly hoping that this would help her discover her land legs, so to speak.

Hmmm... no such luck. Yesterday I put her in it for the second time and, once again, she just kind of stood there and stared at me.

Kind of like so:

So then I tried bouncing her. First I held the Jolly Jumper itself and bounced her. She liked that. A lot. She got that awesome huge-open-wide mouth that sort of resembles a smile, but isn't really at all. Classic Kaiya. You would have loved it, Nathan. Then I tried to get her to make the connection by grabbing her feet and legs and moving them around to make her bounce. She appeared interested, but not quite as thrilled.

Then, I had to leave the room for a second, and when I came back, wondering at the silence, I found her licking her Jolly Jumper. I kid you not. She was licking the straps of her Jolly Jumper.

The proof:

Oh dear Kaiya, not really the brightest bulb in the box, are we? (Is it wrong to make fun of your helpless 4-month old?) Perhaps it's yet a bit early for all this jolly jumping...
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Karen said...

That made me laugh - out loud - even without the picture. Why jump when you can lick instead? I guess all those child development theorists are right about all the learning at the beginning is through the mouth...

Rose said...

Definitely laughing out loud. There's no end to the laughs with Kaiya. Whenever we tell anyone about her, the two things we never forget to mention are how big she is, and how hilarious she is...
Miss you!

James said...

Buddha... HA! Licking stuff... what a crazy child. We are missing her growing... but very glad for these updates and glimpses of the hilarity that you guys enjoy on a daily basis.

lovetolaugh said...

What a see missing from peoples comments is, none of them deny that she's your kid!!!

Love the posts, and the photo's that she'll one day hate that you took, kept and shared!

Keep em' coming!