Monday, June 16, 2008

First Father's Day

  It seems fitting that on the weekend of Jeff's first Father's Day, we noticed how much Kaiya seems to be falling in love with him. Mommy just isn't that exciting. And that's okay. I mean, we stare at each other every day of the week. But Daddy, now, he's the man. You should see her flirt with him! On Friday, he held her on his lap after coming home from work. Jeff was trying to tell me about his day, but I was being seriously distracted by Kaiya's flirting. She was staring up at her dad and doing everything possible to get his attention: smiling, cooing, blowing bubbles, letting out little squeals. It was just too much. Too cute!
  Jeff's favourite time of day on the weekends is the mornings. That's when he goes in to Kaiya's room to get her for her first feed. She's hilarious. She's been sticking her feet straight up in the air and playing with her toes. Usually, she's kicked off her blanket (we just can't seem to keep that thing on her), and she greets her dad with a big, huge smile. It seems I'm the only one around here who's not a morning person!
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mariaborito said...

awe. how sweet!
how did you get her to sleep without being wrapped? i think you stopped that a long time ago.
somtimes ours will wake up in the middle of the night wanting to "talk" it's hilariously not funny!

Karen said...

Happy Father's Day Jeff! It looks great on you! And Kathy, nice job on the pics - it's not often we see Jeff as one of the subjects. That smile of Kaiya's sure is contagious. And I can hear her squealing away too...