Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Virtual World

I was talking to Beth yesterday and she mentioned the Jolly Jumper licking incident. Geez, I say it like it was one incident, when in fact it has happened every single time I have put Kaiya in that thing!

Anyhow, I paused and said, "Did I tell you about that, or did you read about it on the blog?"

"I read about it on the blog," she said.

You know, it's really weird to be blogging and having the people I see on a weekly basis reading it. Especially when they don't comment on it. (Ahem). But really, this blog was initially set up as a document of our travel and cultural adventures. It was really fun to "broadcast" all my random thoughts all the way from Ota, Gunma. But it's a little unnerving when the people you see every day are also the main people reading your blog.

I start to think, "Is my blog persona the same as my face-to-face persona?" Oh good Lord, that "face-to-face" expression brings back jarring flashbacks of hours spent in front of the computer writing my thesis. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! But, back to the point (yes, my daughter is sleeping again... I'm spoiled) I like to think that my blogging persona is a little more fun and a little more interesting. Being a shy person, I often have the unfortunate incapability of expressing Little Kathy to Big World. Especially when more in-your-face people (ie. JEFF) exist around me. So it's comforting to know that I always have a creative outlet for what's really going on inside. And no one to interrupt me!

Along the same lines, I have recently re-joined Facebook. With much trepidation. I don't really like the concept of Facebook. And to be perfectly honest, the only reason I joined it is so that I can receive notifications every time Emma's Closet has a 50% off sale. You just can't go wrong receiving 50% off at a consignment shop! But I can't seem to avoid feeling a bit like I'm back in highschool and everyone is more popular than I am. Yes, at this point, I only have 14 friends. I'm working on it, folks, I'm working on it. Give the girl time.

Anywayssssssss... when I joined Facebook, one friend, who lives in the same city as I do, said, "Oh good, now we can keep in touch better!" And I thought, "Hmmmm... you know my phone number, you know my email, and you know where I live..." These are strange times we are living in. Indeed. But I guess that's how it goes. We have so many options available to us, so we can all choose our personal poison, so to speak. There are friends I contact via phone, others I contact via email, and now, strangely to me (but not to them), others I mainly contact via Facebook.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I prefer email. My gmail account is best. I'm not really a phone person. In fact, horror of horrors, I often just let it ring. And you can't say that I'm avoiding you because we're too cheap to pay for call display!

Oh, and I like blog comments, too. ;)


Karen said...

So, I post a comment for you - oh lover of blog comments: I've noticed you've spent a lot of time updating your blog - new title, subtitle...and extra subtitle (if that's what it would be called), new link to another blog, and then a new topic!! I love reading about your life every day! It's nice to get an update on the everyday adventures of Kathy and Jeff - gives me something to do on the Internet 'cause I'm not really a surfer.... So thanks for the regular diversion!!!

Did this comment sound vaguely familiar... ;)

James said...

I like blogs and I like commenting!

Y'know, I found when you guys visited Canada, and when you got back from Japan that you would repeat stories to us that you had posted on your blog. Mostly I just smiled and let you or Jeff continue because it was amusing hearing the story repeated orally. It's probably very weird for you, but it all keeps the rest of us entertained!

gypsy said...

glad we keep you folks entertained.