Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who Are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

I kind of hope my mom doesn't read this. If you do mom, don't worry. Really. We love our neighbourhood. At the very least, it gives us some GREAT blogging material to work with.



Last night, at about 1:40am, Jeff and I were awakened by screaming. A woman's bloodcurdling scream: "STOP IT! STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" This was concerning, to say the least. Jeff stood at the window for a moment, became puzzled at the scene, and went downstairs.

"Be careful," I muttered.

After some time spent standing on the porch in solidarity with our neighbour, who was also standing on his porch, Jeff came back inside.

"Stupid woman," he said and rolled back into bed.

It turns out the woman was not being chased, assaulted, beaten, robbed, _________________ (fill in blank of choice). No, no, in fact, she was alone. Alone, and walking down the middle of George Street. Screaming. Yet she was with it enough to notice the men standing on their porches and to mutter, "It's okay. I'm by myself."

When Jeff told his principal at school about it today, she said, "Oh ya, I've seen that in this neighbourhood before. Must've been coming off a crack high.... What kind of neighbourhood are you living in?

I'm starting to think this needs to become the George Street blog. Because as of late, life on George Street has begun to merit its own blog. Let's see what has happened... oh yes, the night we forgot to lock our car doors and the gum was stolen from our car... the gum! Obviously we keep nothing of value there... the night our car was tagged... the day I watched a drug deal happen less than 2 meters in front of me and Kaiya in her stroller. But don't worry, I'm pretty sure it was "only" pot. The guys stopped in the laneway next to our house to smoke it. Oh yes, and the other day when neighbour Sue and neighbour Dave screamed out of their kitchen window at a kid who was trying to steal a bike from our backyard. And we were home. And it wasn't even dark. And then, last night.

Altogether now: "The crackhead is a person in my neighbourhood, in my neighbourhood, in my neighbourhood, oh the crackhead..."

Oh, sacrilege!


mariaborito said...

very funny…but not.
i can identify.
living in an apartment with crackheads is even more "fun". oh yes. screaming is the norm.
one time nate asked the two ladies at the end of the hall to stop yelling across the hall from their doors and they just continued. it's funny though how a mother's temper should not be reckoned with. if ever it gets too loud, i have no hesitation to bang on their floor, ceiling, or call the police.
gotta love city life!

lovetolaugh said...

Last night, there was a man sitting in a lawn chair when I got home at 130am. Only the lawn chair was in the middle of the street...with just enough room for a car to get by. He was just sitting there, with a beer in hand. Chillin'.

I loved this post Kath! Thanks for sharing.