Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hello Readers,

I feel like I haven't written for a long time. But I guess, really, it's only been a week. I just know that since my posting blitz of June, you've probably come to expect more regular installments. But it seems the summer is going to be busier than expected. Which I'm not complaining about at all.

We've settled into a bit of a routine. Jeff works on and putters around the house all day. I now have more outlets in my kitchen than I can count (remember, it's a very large kitchen). Absolutely all the electrical in the kitchen has been replaced, and today, he's installing a range hood above the stove. Then, he'll finally be done. In the kitchen, that is...


I was going to say that Kaiya has been adjusting well to all the noises, but then I had to go comfort a child who woke up screaming from her nap when daddy starting drilling into the kitchen wall. Poor girl. She has just recently started showing fear reactions (like to dad's big, long, dark blue bathrobe hanging on the bathroom door), so it's probably not the best time to introduce her to power tools. Live and learn. As Jeff says, "She's my girl. I'm not gonna have her afraid of big tools."

So, back to our routine. When Kaiya sleeps in the mornings, I usually run out and try madly to sand down and prime a few baseboards. Then, for the rest of the day, I alternate entertaining Kaiya, preparing food, meeting up with friends, and then falling into bed by 10. Notice cleaning was not in that list. The omission was purposeful. Our house is quickly becoming a pigsty. And it's wonderful not to care! I love summer!

It's really great to hang out with friends more. I went into a bit of withdrawal, what with having a new baby and Jeff spending every last minute on school work. Sunday's are the best. No more freaking out about the upcoming week. We relax and even stay out late if we want. I don't even want to think about September!

We continue the solids battle with Kaiya. Forget the rice cereal. We've been on carrots the last few days. She still spits most of it out, and her initial reaction is often still one of disgust, but it does seem to be getting better. She actually does eat some of it. Her favourite thing is to put her fingers in her mouth along with the spoon. Bibs and wet rags have become items of absolute necessity!

Okay, that's the lowdown on the Epps for now. One last thing. Don't be surprised if you start seeing me write about pregnancy in the next bit. No, no, silly, I'm not pregnant again. But I have been reading a wonderful book that Rose passed my way, "Misconceptions" by Naomi Wolf. It's been helping me to process many of the feelings and fears I had during pregnancy. And it's been affirming those feelings and fears, rather than downplaying them. Pregnancy and childbirth are huge, life-changing experiences, and I'm glad I've finally found a book that goes there, into the depths, without trivializing and sentimentalizing the experience. What a wonderful gift. I admit, I'm often loath to share my opinions with you, dear readers. It's easier to keep this blog as a light distraction for all of us. After all, at the end of the day, I want you all to still like me. But every now and then, there are issues that tug at me and arouse my passion. And I'd be a fool to not have opinions about them. So there's your preamble. Consider yourselves sufficiently warned!


Rose said...

Great post Kath. Glad to hear you have some version of a routine - I'm afraid I am lacking even that in the craziness of summer...but you're right, sometimes it is wonderful not to care! And I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the book and it's helping with the processing process...bring on the opinions and issues!!

Erika said...

believe it or not i've also come (as close as i'm able) to not caring about the house. having maria, nathan and baby mika here is just wonderful and the time for cleaning just isn't there. so like you kathy and rosilee, i'll wait till september and give it a good clean then. can't wait to here of your discoveries kathy through the book. if we stopped loving you because of some of your crazy thoughts and ideas we would have done that along time ago:-) so rest assured, you're safe with us.