Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Renovation News Flash!!!

Hot off the press! We now have not one, but three working electrical outlets in the kitchen. THREE outlets, oh my, oh my!! No longer do I have to alternate plugging in the toaster, kettle, and wash machine. (Yes, the wash machine is in the kitchen. Did I ever mention we have a large kitchen? As my sister said when we first bought the house, "You could play volleyball in here!" And as our neighbour said, "When you said you have a big kitchen, I was expecting a big kitchen, not a small house." Yes Brian, probably larger than your Tokyo apartment.) Okay, enough about the kitchen. But yes, now the microwave has its own outlet, the kettle has its own outlet, and the toaster and fridge cozily share an outlet. The wash machine is sadly still on an extension cord, but that situation too will soon be rectified! I hear the drill as we speak. I mean, as I write. You know what I mean.

Yay for dad!!
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James said...

Talk about a news flash! I'll be sure to watch CTV tonight to see if Jeff makes it on there. Lloyd would love this story.