Monday, July 21, 2008

Slovak Day!

  It was a grand day in Milton, in the pouring rain. Drinking, dancing, colourful costumes. Eating MEAT, eating raw garlic, eating poppyseed strudel, and eating more. Oh, and we can't forget the spontaneous rounds of rousing folk songs sung along with accordion accompaniment. This done after copious amounts of drinking, of course.

Nothing like getting in touch with your roots.

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Jo said...

Look at you, you're so cute.

ブライアン said...

I must say, I absolutely adore the riot grrrl, "oh no you didn't" look Miss K is giving you as you foist her on to some unsuspecting bystander in order to strike a more photogenic pose... you're both such pistols!

PS. Are dissertations supposed to be this annoying and hard?

gypsy said...

I love your comments, b-boy.