Monday, July 07, 2008

Starting Solids...or Not

Kaiya's almost at the 6-month mark. For the past few weeks, she has been showing increased interest in the food Jeff and I eat. So we thought it was about time to start her on solids. According the the latest recommendations (which are constantly changing) baby's first "solid" should be rice cereal, served with a spoon in a very runny consistency. At first Kaiya seemed game:

But after one taste, this was the response:
It soon became obvious that Kaiya was NOT interested. Every time the spoon came her way, she turned her head. And when I managed to trick her into opening her mouth, its contents were soon spit right back out. All over me and her.

I called the "Parent Talk Line" today, a free service offered in Niagara. You can call and ask a nurse any question you may have related to parenting. (I can give you the number later, Maria ;) ) When I told the nurse my daughter was rejecting solids, she asked, "Did you try mixing the cereal with breast milk?" (Yes.) "Did you try altering the consistency of the cereal?" (Yes.) She then went on to suggest that we let Kaiya have the spoon and "play" with her food to make the experience enjoyable and get her used to it. Ha. Right.

Unfortunately, we did not take pictures of this event. Because it was quite the event. It's not like babies come equipped with the knowledge of how to hold a spoon. Apart from flinging the cereal into my face or across the room, she alternated dribbling it all over her big Buddha belly and gagging herself on the wrong end of the spoon. Luckily, we had the foresight to strip her down to her diaper first. Did she enjoy it? Yes, she did. She smiled and giggled and talked her way through the whole mess. Did she actually ingest any of the food? Probably not. Did we have to clean the entire area surrounding our sweet child? Absolutely. Ultimately, we enjoyed the experience too. I'm just not sure it's something I'd want to do every day. Unless of course we're going to make a habit of taking our daughter out back and hosing her down after every bit of cereal. At one point she started blowing bubbles with rice cereal in her mouth. Bubble, smile, bubble, smile. Drip. Drip. Drip. Not a pretty picture, sweet delicate flower of mine.

One thing Kaiya really loves is drinking water from a glass. I think it makes her feel like a big girl. Every time she sees us drinking, she stares intently at the glass and starts flapping her arms around like a penguin. So after our severe lack of success with the cereal, I decided to end on a positive note:
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Karen said...

The commentary just makes those pictures that much more funny! Is she squeaky clean now?

Alysha said...

Kathy, don't sweat the recommendations. I can find recommendations that rice cereal NOT be the first food offered. Seriously, it's worse than the adult food world where everything will cure you one day and kill you the next.

We started Annika on barley cereal and bits of banana. She's so much happier eating chunkier foods. So long as they are quite soft, I don't worry about it. She refuses all baby food now if we're eating something else, and holds out for our food, including roast pork and meatloaf. It's weird, since Owen liked any and all baby food we offered.

Try offering a variety of things. Banana, mango, even avacado. And around 7 months you can offer plain yogurt, too. I don't like it, but both our kids have enjoyed it.

I love the pictoral commentary, by the way.

gypsy said...

hey Alysha,
Thanks for the tips. I've been thinking about trying Kaiya with some mushed up banana. I'm just worried about her getting the iron she needs. But I'm not sure I'm ready to start pureeing the chicken. Blech.

Oh, and welcome to the comment club!

Any other lurkers care to join? I know you're out there...


Alysha said...

Owen ate lots of baby cereal and still had low iron at one point. He was transitioning to "table food" at the time, though. So I do try to get Annika to eat enough cereal, but I also look at resources like this... Reading that gives me lots of peace about her health.

Mi-chan said...

I'm a lurker!!!
Yeah, Kaiya doesn't look to be enjoying the food, but I SAW her watching us eat breakfast one day-she seemed to want "people food" sooo badly! Hahaha, poor kid. Rice cereal isn't "people food", and that looks to be what she wants to say :)