Monday, August 04, 2008

It's August

The summer is just flying by... as I knew it would. We are keeping busy with all the home renos. Both bedrooms now have ceiling fans, my closet has a light, all the kitchen electrical has been redone, the back door has been replaced, lots of stuff that I have no clue about in the attics has been done, and the back roof has been replaced (a reno job that was very much unwanted and unexpected, but very much became a necessity the day it started dripping water into our kitchen!)

Whenever Kaiya sleeps, and I don't have a million other things to do, I have been putting primer on all the baseboards and trim in the house. Just five more pieces, and I can finally move on to the first coat of paint!

And Kaiya continues to grow and change. I took her to the doctor last week, and she's a whopping 20 pounds! Off the charts! But surprisingly, her head size is only in the 75th percentile. I guess they weren't measuring her cheeks... Kaiya finally started getting interested in solids last week, and we've been trying lots of yummy fruits and vegetables, and now oatmeal cereal too. Feeding Kaiya solids has brought a whole new level of commitment to our cloth diapering... ahem. Wow. Who knew?! Kaiya is finally showing more interest in sitting up on her own. She does it here and there for short periods of time. And she's getting a heck of a lot more wriggly! She's going through an incredibly social stage, and it can be frustrating at times since she doesn't want her toys; she only wants PEOPLE! I get very little done before the whining begins. Sigh. But at 8:30 every night, I put her to bed, grab my book and a beer, and enjoy some quiet time on the porch. I really can't complain.

I'm acutely aware that it's August, and I have to force myself to focus on each blissful summer day instead of thinking ahead to September and Jeff being back at work. I love having him home. Love, love, LOVE!!!

Well, that's that for now. Nothing too deep to say here. Just thought you'd all enjoy an update on the Epps. I'm continually amazed at how many of you visit us here at our humble little site, and I hope I can manage to keep y'all entertained. ;)

I also hope to add more Kaiya pics soon. In our busy-ness, we have been woefully neglectful of the camera. Who thought it could be possible?!

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