Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seven Sweet Months

 Our little monkey was dedicated at church today, on her seven month birthday. She was as good as gold (due mostly to a well-timed nap) and lots of friends and family came out to see her on her special day. It was great to have so many people stand with us and share words of encouragement. Thank you all.

Here she is shortly before we left for church, "playing" her little piano and smiling up at dad.


After the service, seventeen of us went to Swiss Chalet (can we say "barely controlled chaos??") to celebrate. Kaiya sat in the middle of everyone and was most definitely the star of the show. For a long time she alternated sucking on this toy and the table. After a time, she got tired and a bit cranky, but even so, she kept trying to entertain and interact with the crowd.

I really can't get over how social she is. She would rather hang out with people any day than play with her toys. Being home with her can be exhausting because she demands attention all the time. But as soon as we're out with a crowd, she's happy, and I can relax. Funny girl.

I also can't get over how much she's changing. Sometimes when I look at pictures of her, I wonder who this sweet little girl is. She's changing and growing so much, and she's such a wonderfully unique combination of her mom and dad. It's amazing to watch her little transformations.
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Larissa said...

Congrats, guys. Don't change too much, Kaiya. I want to recognize you next summer!