Friday, October 17, 2008

9-Month Photo Fun

I know, there are so many pictures. But how could I possibly choose?! This is the dilemma of the digital era. Today's babies are very well documented. But I'm not complaining!

Kaiya and I spent a bit of time out in the front "yard" today, her sitting on a blanket, and me lying around, snapping these shots. I'm sure people driving by found us to be an interesting sight. But I didn't care. These are the things we do to get the good pictures!

I can't believe Kaiya is 9 months old. The time is just flying by now. The past week has presented some new challenges, as Kaiya's first tooth decided to make its appearance Thanksgiving weekend. Great timing. Kaiya's worst day was Sunday, when she had a runny nose, spiked a fever, and generally frowned more than usual! Oh, and she developed this new, sad, soft cry that absolutely breaks your heart.

Kaiya's sounds are really changing. Unfortunately, in addition to all of her fun sounds, she's just this week developed the habit of screaming. Very loudly. And repeatedly. She thinks it's funny and doesn't get that I'm not smiling. Her cry has also changed, and I can't read it anymore. I'm not sure if it's a pain cry. It'll start as a happy sounding scream/squeal but then change and become a whine/cry. Very confusing. And frustrating, especially since it most likes to make its appearance in the late afternoon. Every parent's fun time, right? ;)

We still don't have any crawling action, but that's fine by us. She has been doing a lot of rocking and bouncing, so I don't think it's too far off. Better get those baseboards on!


Larissa said...

Wow, Kathy. I can't believe how much more grown up she looks this month. Glad to hear you got to play in the leaves this fall - under the guise of taking photos!! :)

Karen said...

Beautiful baby pictures!

mariaborito said...

hey kath, great photos!
i know, it's funny lying on the ground trying to get eye level on the lawn! i love the one where she's holding a leaf. that's so her!
new sounds…i understand. i'm getting more and more confused too with what means what. they are discovering so much but don't let us in on the progress. trial and error. pray to god we don't screw them up!

Marie said...

Kaiya is probably the cutest baby I`ve ever seen! Love the outfit choice for the fall photo shoot. Very chique! (no idea how to spell that)!

Larissa said...

Oh, and you never have to apologize for "so many pictures"! We eat them up.