Sunday, October 12, 2008

About a Month Ago...

... We spent a special weekend celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, which was September 19th. We wanted to go away somewhere, but were limited in both time and money. Being tired of the usual southern Ontario destinations, we decided to venture into the States. This was done with much trepidation. Neither of us had been to the U.S. for years. I mean, many, many years. We had no idea what to expect... how bad would the borders be? Would the natives be friendly? Would the cops pull us over at the slightest bit of speeding, attracted by our Ontario plates?

I'm happy to report it was a highly uneventful weekend, in terms of the above questions. We sailed through the border (a slightly fussy baby helped), everyone was very kind, and the cops didn't stand a chance, as Jeff carefully monitored his speed the entire trip.

We chose to go to the Finger Lakes region, about a 3 hour drive from home. We chose Skaneateles Lake, somewhat randomly. I think it was mainly because we found a hotel that looked good (just outside the town of the same name.) And then we spent the entire weekend trying to figure out how on earth to pronounce the name of said lake and town. We finally figured out that everyone made it sound something like "skinny atlas," so we tried to stick with that.

Our weekend was good, although it certainly made us appreciate our growing need for babysitters. Kaiya found it hard to settle the first night, especially since we were in the same room as her, and she was excited and just wanted to play with mom and dad. Poor little Kaiya couldn't seem to realize that mom and dad kind of wanted some of their own play time. Ahem.

During the days, we toured the town (remarkably Niagara-on-the-Lake-ish) and drove around to check out nearby towns and scenery. It was really pretty. We realized how tired we get of flat Niagara. I know, I know, we have the escarpment, and Fonthill is slightly, well, hilly, but it's just not the same.

We were also a bit perplexed and slightly disappointed at how quickly people realized we were Canadians. Only 3 hours away, and they already have a slight twang in the voice. And it didn't help that we are both shamelessly addicted to saying "eh." We had barely spoken two sentences to one couple before they said, "You're from Canada, aren't you? Ya, you said 'eh.'" What?! How could it be?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the following pictures, all taken from our little weekend away...

Jeff and Kaiya at breakfast on Saturday morning.
Kaiya playing in a water fountain.
And a nice family picture by Skaneateles Lake, taken shortly after uttering "eh."


lovetolaugh said...

These pictures are great!

Larissa said...

The photo of Kaiya reaching for the water is precious. I'm glad you were able to get away to celebrate your 10th!