Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Days

Fall is in its glory here. This past weekend we ended up at St. John's Conservation Area not once, but twice. We went on Saturday simply to get out of the house and go for a nice walk amongst the leaves. And then on Sunday we went there again, as Jeff was giving a couple of friends a "photog" lesson, and Kaiya and I came along for the ride.
The leaf photos are not as glorious as they could be... once we got there on Saturday, Jeff was very disappointed that I had only brought along the "point and shoot" and had disallowed the big boy camera. He did, however, bring it along on Sunday. Some new photos should be coming to his Flickr site soon (scroll down and look left). Although he is getting a lot more busy these days. Ah, look at the site anyhow. ;)

Kaiya has been continuing with her screaming phase, and I had to keep her busy on Sunday in order to keep from entirely disrupting the photog lesson. We walked around the little pond many many times. In the midst of her screaming we met another mom who sympathized, saying her son is presently going through the same phase. Let's hope it's a short one.

Oh, and I discovered, somewhere in the midst of entertaining her, that she actually has two teeth coming in! How exciting!

And here's the munchkin looking tired but curious, as she watches some kids walk by. When did my baby turn into such a big girl??


Larissa said...
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Larissa said...

She has the most fantastic expressions! I absolutely love the little hood!! It's hard to believe that the precious thing in those pictures makes blood-curdling screams.

Rose said...

I don't comment that often, but I hope you know I'm here! What I would probably say, basically every post, is "nice pics!". Kaiya is so adorable and hilarious and wonderful.

lovetolaugh said...

can't get enough of her in that fur hood!
get first shot jeff ;)

love u guys