Saturday, November 08, 2008

Some Saturday Night Musings...

My sweetie decided to stop nursing today. Just like that. It's made me kind of sad. I guess I knew it was coming, but I didn't think it would happen so suddenly. I'm not sure exactly why it happened. Her two bottom teeth have come in, and she's bitten me a couple of times (not so pleasant). And I know that I startled her when I said, "Ow!" But that strong reaction only really happened once, so I don't think that explains it. And then, I've been introducing her to a number of different foods. This week she's tried raisins and cheese and yogurt and Cheerios all for the first time. Doesn't like the cheese, but loves everything else. Especially the Cheerios. Maybe she's starting to dig the "adult food" more.

I don't know.

All week she was funny with nursing, but the last two days there was no biting, so I was hoping to still hold on to two feedings a day. But this morning, when I brought her into bed, she would have nothing to do with it. And it continued that way all day. So I think we're done.

Every woman feels differently about nursing. I personally really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the time spent snuggled together in our cozy cocoon, the time spent staring into one another's eyes. I know we can still do that with a bottle, but somehow it's not the same.

Yes, I'm sad.

Honestly, Jeff and I joked today that someone must have swapped our baby for another one when we weren't looking. She was just so different and independent today. I went to Tim Horton's with a friend, and when we left, Kaiya threw an embarrassing fit as I tried to put her back in her stroller. We had the back arch and the WAIL. And then later, when I fed her dinner, she didn't want anything to do with yogurt or applesauce, two former favourites. She only wanted food she could feed herself, like her Cheerios. Jeff said, "It's like we now have just a regular kid instead of the super-content sweetheart baby of the past 9 months."

Yikes. I want my sweetheart back!

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