Monday, November 17, 2008

Ten-Month Tot

Okay, so these pictures weren't taken today... But they were all taken in the past couple of days. Admittedly, I spent most of today fighting with a sewing machine, threading and re-threading, dropping bobbins on the floor, forgetting to drop the foot before starting, wondering why my fabric was pulled too tight, why the stitch was muddled, etc. etc. I'm glad to say that I think the worst of my learning curve is over. My aspirations aren't too high, really. I'd just like to be able to hem my pants and sew a basic pair of curtains! Sheesh. At least the sound of the machine excites and entertains Kaiya.

Ten month highlights: more and more PERSONALITY! Lots of ape noises, wide open mouths, unfortunately high-pitched screams (yes, still), wildly flapping arms, sweet smiles, waves "bye-bye", games of peekaboo and the ever-favourite chasing game.

Kaiya spends a lot more time on her belly these days, usually by her own choice, and she's starting to scooch backwards a bit. Unfortunately, this just ticks her off because it gets her farther and farther from her toys. She's eating a wider variety of foods now, and often prefers feeding herself. Cheerios are a particular favourite. I've been having a lot of fun bundling her up in sweet sweaters, hats, and scarves. Luckily, Kaiya usually humours me.

... And if we're not eating socks, we're definitely eating shoes!


mariaborito said...

what a cutie! i love the sweaters and hats. i know it's so much fun dressing them up! she is so adorable. i can't wait to actually see her and spend time together again:)
they can have food fights!

lovetolaugh said...

Kath these are great!

They are pretty great shoes, maybe she will be a shoe designer?? She know what she likes already!!

Larissa said...

I wonder which tastes better: a sock or a shoe. Rather than test it out, maybe I'll just wait until Kaiya can talk and ask her!

Marie said...

this post has been up for an awfully long time...let's see some new material Kathy! :-)