Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look Who's ONE!

What a good day. I can't believe my baby girl is one. We were worried in the morning because Kaiya started the day miserable, with a cold. But we shouldn't have doubted our social little girl. As soon as family started arriving for her party at 12, she perked right up. I just can't choose from amongst the pictures. Especially because of her pretty party dress, which my mom bought for her. She's just too cute! I really couldn't get enough of her today.

This is my favourite one from the day. Me and my sweet peanut, before everyone started arriving.

"Look who's one!!" We spent a long time like this today, with her on my lap and me just taking it all in. She especially enjoyed the tissue paper that came with all of her gifts, and she became quite adept at flinging her various presents past my head as she whipped them out of their bags. Such flair! Such pizzazz!
Here she is, looking slightly bewildered. She seemed particularly confused by the strange ritual we big people have of placing flaming wax sticks on a cake and singing as a large group, all while smiling and staring... at her.
She practiced her new skill of scooching and spinning on the floor for a good chunk of time. She's become quite the contortionist, going from lying on her belly to sitting by splitting her legs and rotating her hips. I can't even imagine such flexibility.
And a birthday wouldn't be complete without the addition of yet another cute, silly hat, this one courtesy of Auntie Dagmar.

Thanks everyone for making Kaiya's first birthday such a special day!


mariaborito said...

awe! happy birthday little peanut! we're sorry we missed the festivities and cultural candle blowing tradition. i'm sure you were royally spoiled! have fun with your new toys and cute 1 year old clothes! such a big girl!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this post! Happy Birthday Kaiya! You're a beautiful little girl! Kathy, you look fantastic. Miss you! Love J

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday Kaiya Bear! It is amazing to see how you've grown. You are such a little jewel. I love you!

Abel said...

Happy Birthday to Kaiya! She has grown so fast and is so beautiful. You guys are really blessed.
Love Caroline