Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's Official!

Kaiya's first word is "NO." Say something about her personality? Heh, heh. We think she picked it up at daycare. There's a little two-year old girl there who's just a tad bossy and likes to let Kaiya know all the things she shouldn't be doing. I first noticed a couple of weeks ago. Kaiya started to pick up her plate off of her highchair tray (an action usually very closely followed by a dumping of said plate), and I put the plate back down and said "no." And then she returned the favour and said "no" right back. I was surprised and amused.

Since then we've noticed various uses of the word no. Obviously, she sometimes uses it to tell us something that she doesn't like. But more commonly, and much more funny, is how she uses it with herself. She'll often mutter it while doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing. For instance, when she's booting along on her bus, she'll ever so slowly pass by the electrical outlet, touching it and softly saying "no" at the same time. She'll also point at her blanket (which we've recently restricted to bedtime use only... who knew she would get so attached to a fuzzy, ratty yellow piece of fabric?) and quietly say "" But the funniest was a couple of days ago. While I was driving her home from daycare, and watching her in the rearview mirror, she continually shoved her index finger up her nose and then pulled it out while saying, "" Too funny!

She's recently been expanding her use of "no" as well. Jeff and I can now ask her a question like, "Is it time to go to bed?" and she'll smile sweetly and vigorously shake her head back and forth. We've also caught the occasional finger wag. How do kids learn these things so quickly?

Other than "no," everything is pretty much "da." In the past couple of weeks, she has become extremely talkative, pointing out millions of objects and naming them all "da." Her desire to communicate is definitely becoming strong. Last night, when Jeff picked her up from the change table, he said, "Uppa daisy..." And suddenly, there was her little mimicking voice: "uhuh dayee" !!! So sweet! These are the moments that really warm our hearts and make us thankful for our little family.

It's been a while, so here are a couple more photos... The one above was taken by Rose last weekend when we visited her and Nathan (probably for the last time!) in their Kitchener home. But that's okay! Cause soon they'll literally live just around the corner!! YAY!

Kaiya LOVES toast, and she gets quite ornery now if I take too long buttering and jamming it. She wants my toast, and she wants it NOW!

And the sweet bear at play...


Karen said...

Thanks for posting! I was hoping a new post was coming soon! What a big girl your little girl has become!

lovetolaugh said...

Awww, Thank you Kathy!

I love how she is growing! She looks soo old now, it's insane!

I need a visit!

Thanks again, I enjoyed this post and had been waiting!

love you guys!

Suzanne said...

She definitely has a big personality already! I can't get over how quick she is growing. It is so exciting to watch and be a part of! I love you guys!