Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quotable Quote?

All the teachers of a particular class at a particular college I happen to work at have been experiencing the same particular problems with particular "personalities." Unfortunately, I've been letting these personalities get me down more than they should this past week. After a bit of venting on my part, Jeff decided to help me out with his advice. Here's a little of the conversation:

Jeff: If you had worked at my Uncle Abe's farm in the summers, and a bad batch of peaches came along, you would know what to do: throw 'em in the seconds bin and forget about them.
Kathy: But they're people, Jeff.
Jeff: No, they're peaches. Throw them out and move on.

Said in true Jeff style. What would I do without him? ;)


lovetolaugh said...

LOL oh my, that is sooo Jeff!

thanks for sharing this post!

Larissa said...

And here's a little of *our* post-reading-your-post conversation:

Larissa: "Darren, come and read this."
Darren: "Throw 'em out... I miss those guys. They should come here. This place was made for them."

Marie said...

i miss Jeff. And you. btw, exactly 10 minutes (not kidding) after i got home from our coffee date I came down with a deadly, evil virus that made me throw up for like 20 hours straight. then i gave it to Dan. have you guys been sick ?

Carrie said...

As a co-teacher of that particular class I agree with Jeff's peaches comment...LOL