Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just a Quick Bit of Procrastination

Oh chocolate-chippy zucchini loaf....
How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways...!

Thanks, Karen, for sharing your zucchini bread with us. Kaiya loved it oh-so-much!

And... YAY! It's April!!!! Horrible winter gone, gone, gone. Warm, sunny days coming. (Not to mention an end to the current semester of "peaches"). I'm tired from the long semester of working every night as soon as Kaiya goes to bed (yes, weekends included), but I'm also full of hope and excitement for the spring and for new things to come. I'm ready to come out of the winter cocoon, drink beer on the front porch (yes, we're rednecks at heart), and see all our neighbours again. Long, summer evenings, walks outside, bonfires, trips to the park and Charles Daley, and a new kiddie pool for Kaiya. Just a few of the things I'm eagerly anticipating. Oh, and Dagmar and Dave's POOL, of course! YAY! I am so ready!


lovetolaugh said...

Ok a few things....

#1 Adorable photo's!!! She is a doll!

#2 I love the peaches theme being brought into the next post.

#3 Red necks at heart...that's for sure! That does however mean you have a hidden LOVE for country music! Just thought I would let you know, so you're not too distraught when you start finding your foot tapping to some twang! (which I will be happy to provide)

Love when you blog. I'm not so good with know... with the words!

Erika said...

...and don't forget the new neighbors moving in, oh so very soon.