Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Proud Day in the Epp Home

A certain restlessness takes over me in spring and I need change... NOW. Since we're not planning on moving to an exotic locale any time in the next couple of months, the next best thing is a trip to T.O. Yes, Toronto. What can I say? We're on a budget here, folks!

So on Saturday, even though we were due at the Epp Easter celebration at 4pm, we decided to get the heck out of St. Kitts, enjoy the gorgeous sunny day and just drive. I like nothing better than a road trip.

It was perfect spontaneity. As we pulled into Hogtown, Jeff said, "Where do you want to go?" "Waterfront," said I. But as we passed by, I noticed the waterfront was particularly sparse. Too sparse for someone looking for bright lights, big city. So I changed my tune. "Chinatown." But then, as we passed by a sign for the St. Lawrence Market, I changed my tune again. "That's where I want to go."

In all our little trips to Toronto, we have sadly never been to the St. Lawrence Market. And this time we were woefully unprepared. That market is bu-u-u-sy! And there we were with mega-Graco stroller and slightly bewildered Kaiya. But the sights and the sounds were just too rich to pass up, so we soldiered on. Good music, beautiful crafts, fresh-baked goods, exotic foods... But let's face it. The main attraction was the LIFE! So many interesting people all crammed in together, jostling amongst the vegetables, vying for the best-looking piece of pie.

I think I must be a city girl at heart.

After making it through both floors of the market, we decided to grab something for lunch. The Italian place seemed the most popular, but we were not willing to stand in line for 20 minutes with the limited patience of Kaiya. And besides, I had seen something else that had caught my eye: sushi. Yes, I hear you groan, "Oh, how predictable!" But the fact is, I haven't eaten it for a while. And it just looked so good and fresh. And paired with the gyoza, we just couldn't go wrong.

While Jeff got the goods, I struggled through the crowds with Kaiya to find a place to sit and eat. Soon after, Jeff arrived with sushi, gyoza, and hot-cross buns. A strange combination indeed. We were joking about what bad parents we are, feeding our toddler a hot-cross bun for lunch, when suddenly Jeff said, "Well, why don't we try giving her some sushi?"

"Um, sure," I said. I didn't think Kaiya would have anything to do with it. She's a good eater, but I guess I figured seaweed is a somewhat acquired taste. Well, wasn't I wrong. In went the rice, in went the dried seaweed, in went the... raw fish!! And they didn't come back out. She didn't just like it; she loved it! She even loved the pickled seaweed salad with the sesame seeds. (YUM!) I soon found myself competing with my daughter for the last bits of the good stuff!

Who knew?

Yes sir, it was a proud, proud day in the Epp household.

Little Peanut just before we left. See? She's already lickin' her chops in anticipation... ;)


Rose said...

Oh, what a monkey. Showing off her Japanese heritage!!

Marie said...

go kaiya!! atta girl!

Alysha said...

I adore St. Lawrence market! My friend and I have been several times. I wish we had something even a fraction as wonderful here. The cheese. The olives. The breads. The rest!

I love that Kaiya enjoyed the sushi. That's going to be so much fun for you guys. I need to get you that sushi book. I haven't seen it at Chapters lately, but I'll look again the next time we're there.

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Who knew, some kids go for goldfish and well others go for the real thing! Way to go Kaiya. I just found your blog and love all the pictures of your sweetie. We are down your way this week, we get in on Sunday, stayin with Dave's parents maybe we will be lucky enough to see you guys.