Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life is Too Short Not to Dance

I've been meaning to write for a long time. Life's been hectic. Very busy. The new term has really been swallowing up all my after-Kaiya-is-in-bed time, and then it doesn't help that we were ALL sick last week. The exhaustion is still lingering. That being said, I'm finally posting, but don't expect too much inspiration tonight. I'm just letting you all know we're still very much alive!

So today I was bound and determined to get to the Folk Arts Festival. I'm an ESL teacher, for goodness sake. All this multicultural stuff is right up my alley. And before today, believe it or not, we had never been!!! (shhhh...don't tell anyone)...

We got to Montebello Park some time after 4:30pm, went to meet the ponies, took a look around at the vendors, bought some international food, and plunked ourselves down at a picnic table. We had been looking forward to some good entertainment, but it appears our timing was unfortunate. Just as we were settling down for some dinner, a very boring CHOIR took to the stage. A CHOIR, for goodness sake! Apparently they fit the bill because they sang in 9 different languages. We, however, remained unimpressed.

At 6, the choir finally finished, and I told Jeff, "Let's wait for the next act. If they suck, we'll leave."

They didn't suck.

The next 45 minutes were absolute heaven for me. A drumming group took to the stage. They were amazing. I immediately told Jeff, "okay, let's get closer. I need to dance." And I picked up Kaiya and we danced. She loved it. We just bounced around for the whole set. It's like God saw me, in my semi-exhausted and mentally-drained state and said, "Hmmmm.... I know exactly what she needs."

I have to say, the older I get, the less self-conscious I am about self-expression. Just let it out. Be yourself. Who cares what everyone else thinks. I'm always most inspired when I see someone just letting go, free to be themselves. I envy that kind of freedom. But today it was mine. Just me and Kaiya and the music. It was so good. There is nothing I enjoy more than drums and dance. For me, heaven will be a glorious blending of all the cultures around the world. We'll all speak each other's languages, eat each other's food, share each other's beauty, and dance. Endlessly dance. I may sound cheesy, but I'm not kidding. That really would be heaven for me. Oh, and I'd belong to a fabulous taiko group like Yakudo.

So tonight, through some Internet searching, I found some info on the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival. It's on June 6th in Toronto. Thirty different drumming groups. You better believe I'll be dancing. Anyone want to come?? We'd love some company.

Here are some highlights from the day:

Did I mention Kaiya did NOT like the ponies? :)

Just hanging out, eating food and trying to enjoy the choir...

Lately Kaiya has taken to sitting on my lap a lot. It's the cutest thing. She'll be a few feet away, and she just starts backing up till she gets to my lap. I always make the sound effects: "beep, beep, beep," like a truck backing up. My goal is to get her doing the same thing! I hope she always knows that mom's lap is there for her.

And here we are, mid-dance.

(Oh, and sorry if the captions and pictures are not aligned. We're using Firefox now, but I know most of you view through Explorer. Sorry!)


lovetolaugh said...

Ok Kath, it's your turn to make me cry today! This was a Beautiful photo! I loved that you got to dance!! It was great! Sooo great!
I LOVE the shot of you and Kaiya where she is laying on you and you're both laughing. Soo great! A sweet moment! I also love your top!!

I Love reading what you write!

Rose said...

Cheesy, but inspiring nonetheless.

Erika said...

i love the folk festival. we really need to plan on doing nothing next year so we can make a family day of going to the park and enjoy some good music and good food. last year willy, suzanne and i went. who knew what the next year would bring?

Suzanne said...

Dancing and drumming is DEFINITELY heavenly! I am totally there with you Kath. I bought a t-shirt on our honeymoon that says, "Born to Dance". Dancing is a part of my inner soul too:) (I'll be cheesy with you)