Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm so tired that I'm typing this blog post while lying on the couch. It's quite relaxing actually. My headache seems to be slowly going away. I don't spend nearly enough time on the couch. I mean, I basically sit here when I give Kaiya her bottle, and that's it. Who has time for the couch when you're cleaning/marking/cooking/prepping for class/doing endless laundry/answering emails/chasing a toddler/picking up after that toddler's millions of messes... Shall I go on?

It's no wonder I've lost a lot of weight this year! Who needs to go to the gym?!

Something is not right this semester. I handled last semester really well, considering it was the winter and my first semester back to work. I was efficient, productive, and even somewhat balanced, believe it or not. But things have been "off" somehow this semester, and I just can't seem to get them back "on." I feel like I've been dragging my heels most of the term, feeling tired and sluggish. I'm on my second cold in just a matter of weeks, and just when I thought I might be getting better, I got a COLDSORE. I hate nothing more than coldsores. They're big and gross and painful and ugly, and they freak out my students and make me feel incredibly shy and insecure. YUCK. When I have a coldsore, I literally want to walk around with a paper bag over my head.

I think my "off-ness" has something to do with my schedule. Last semester I only had one 8:30 class. And Mondays-Wednesdays I didn't have to go in till about 11, so I had wonderful, long mornings alone with Kaiya. But now I have three 8:30 days, and only one morning where I really get to spend time with Kaiya: Wednesday. This means that three days a week, I'm getting up at about 6 in order to get myself ready before she wakes up. This is hard, considering I do the bulk of my marking & prepping in the evenings, after Kaiya is in bed. And of course, coming home after a day of teaching is not exactly "relaxing." As one of my colleagues used to say to me last term, "Well, now you get to go home to your other full-time job." INDEED!

I also didn't really get a break at all between semesters like I normally would because I was working that week at my other
other job, as a language assessor at the Y. Ya, I know. Like I need two (three?) jobs. It's a long story. I'll explain later.

Jeff isn't doing much better. His marks are due on Monday, but worse than that, he's made some other commitments that are making his end-of-year anything but relaxing. He's heading up the yearbook committee, and at this point, he's not exactly sure how or when that yearbook is going to be completed. He's also been involved in his school's production of "Highschool Musical." He spent hours and hours producing a practically professional poster for the production, and he has now volunteered to put together the video. I don't often see Jeff overwhelmed. He is my cool-as-a-cucumber man. But today, he wasn't fooling anyone. All day, the look on his face fluctuated between exhaustion, frustration, and annoyance.

Fun times!

Let's just say that these next two weeks can't fly by fast enough.

That's why I can hold on. I'm feeling tired and whiny, but I know that in just two weeks, life will somehow, miraculously, be better. JEFF WILL BE DONE for the summer. Oh, glorious day! And then our new, summer schedule will begin. Kaiya will go to daycare only twice a week, and Jeff will take care of her the rest of the time. The days that Kaiya goes to daycare, Jeff will do his best to finish up projects here and there on the house. His time is limited, so we've agreed that he will focus on getting the main floor done. This means we might actually have painted trim up around the windows and doors by the end of the summer. How exciting!

But the best part (for me) is that once Jeff is home, a lot of pressure will be off my shoulders. No more 6am mornings. When I have 8:30 classes, I'll be able to sleep till around 7 and go along my merry way. So I won't be quite so exhausted when I sit down to all my work in the evenings. And maybe we can start to have a social life again. There are a LOT of people I haven't seen enough of in the past while... Dan & Marie (you guys still alive?), Jason & Beth (I know you guys are alive, but not much more than that!), oh and shoot, I'm still playing phone tag with Kate, and I still haven't called back my sister-in-law Karen! And Dagmar & Dave's pool and hot tub are calling... and calling... Man, I need a beer.

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to August 14th. That's when the semester ends. I love my students, but I'm really looking forward to a proper break. And on that note....

Does anyone have any ideas for a good, relaxing, kid-friendly, close-to-some-water getaway that is within a 4-hour drive (or so) of our place? We are looking to get away mid-August for a FULL week with Kaiya. Ideally, we'd be in a small cottage (NOT a tent) very close to a beach. I know, I know... we should have booked this a long time ago. We're not very good planners. I'd appreciate ANY ideas.

Okay, not a particularly inspiring post, but at least you're all updated on "the state of the Epps!" We're almost there... just holding on!!!

Love you all, very much...

Oh... and Round 3 postings are up next week. These are the postings that Jeff can actually apply for. There is a good chance that there will be nothing. Yes, nothing. That's how bad it is. Would someone close down all those teacher's colleges already?! Anyhow, please pray for Jeff. We need him to get a full-time post. Yes, he has this contract till next March. And to be honest, we really aren't expecting anything. But it's worth a shot. He's an amazing teacher. And stress levels will definitely decrease once he gets full-time. So any support would be greatly appreciated.

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Larissa said...

If one can do anything for four months, that same one can do anything for 3 more weeks! Hang in there.
Oh, and make sure you make time for the Conleys in your summer plans!