Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life Through Pictures

Some time at the end of November, in the midst of the mind-numbing exhaustion that was colouring every aspect of life, I looked through our photo albums on Picasa. Our endless, disorganized photo albums, where hundreds and hundreds of pictures have been stored since Kaiya was born. I saw photo after photo of sweetness and bliss, happy smiles, close cuddles, cherished moments. And I realized that I was half-baked in many of those photos, longing for a nap or just a few moments of peace. And I thought, "Man, we parents need to keep taking lots and lots and lots of pictures." It just hit me that this thing we call LIFE is what happens in the midst of everything else: the stress of balancing work and life, of dealing with yet another childhood sickness, of not knowing what the job situation is going to look like in just a few months time, of wishing for just one more hour -please!- of sleep in the morning. And with a little one at home, that wonderful thing called LIFE can become such a blur. What day is it? Time is it? When do I have to be where? And for goodness sake, would you just let me change your stinky diaper already??!!!

When I look at the pictures, I see what everyone else sees: the sweet moments; a happy family. And I quickly forget the mind-numbing tiredness I was feeling that day. And I think: yes, we have got to keep taking these pictures. Because it all goes by so quickly. How can it be that Kaiya is going to be two this January? Where did these little sentences popping out of her mouth come from? And when did her hair become long enough to hold a ponytail for an entire day?

The moments slip by, so quickly, undetected. Thank God the pictures will always be there, chronicling the beauty and wonder that is our journey with Kaiya.

(The photos in this post are the ones that particularly made these thoughts spring to mind, as I remember how zonkified I was on the day they were taken. But I don't look tired, do I? I just look like a really happy mom. And I am.)


Suzanne said...

Kath, that was a fabulous post. I love your illustrative eloquence. It is beautiful.

Larissa said...

I agree with Suzanne - you've got a great way of saying stuff. :)

Also, I hope I look as good as you do when I'm zonkified!!