Thursday, June 10, 2010

And I'm Off!

... to Qatar, that is.

Let the adventure begin!!

Woohooooooooo! :)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Our Little Girl

Our friend Andrew took these pictures of Kaiya yesterday at our annual church pool party. It was totally spur of the moment. He sent us the pictures today, and I am in love.

I love the way he captured our girl. It shows you how every photographer has a different way of using the light and interpreting the subject. I have never seen Kaiya before in quite the way I'm seeing her now.

She's our little girl.

To see more of Andrew's work, check out his site: Andrew Mark Photography.

Being tossed in the air by daddy.

I know, I know... very similar to another shot above, but really, how am I supposed to choose?

Oh sweetheart, don't grow up too fast.

And my favourite. I wish I could always clothe Kaiya in blue. It's my favourite colour, and I love how it accents the blue of her eyes. Unfortunately, most stores think little girls should be dressed in pink. I love, love, love how Andrew played up the blue here.

It's simply the best!