Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Today is the Day!

Critiquing dang 30-page paper? Check.

But, more importantly...

Staring at resume for an obsessively long time and making minor changes?

Agonizing over and finally composing semi-decent cover letter?

Hip hip hooray!


Anonymous said...

Today is the day?!! For none of that! Today is the day to celebrate YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Kathy Teacher!!!!

I hope that the year ahead is one filled with all things gooooood, truthful, honest and real!
I'm glad you were born x number of years ago :) And thankful and honoured to call you my friend.

Love ya

gypsy said...

Thanks, R, you're the best! :)
Jeff took me out for a fabulous dinner tonight. I've definitely been spoiled today. But honestly, getting those things crossed off my list today was my bday present to myself. And it felt VERY GOOD!