Thursday, November 25, 2010


Oh, a child's imagination... Today Kaiya placed the cards from her "Memory" game on the upturned lids of a variety of pots. She pulled out a couple of wooden spoons and then proceeded to inform me she was "making muffins." Later, she placed the cards, er, muffins, in the "oven" (the box the game came in). When I pulled out the camera to take a picture, she ran over to get hers. She will not be outdone!

Although she looks completely different here, this picture was taken a mere hour later. She had to change out of her sweater because it got wet while she was cleaning the bathroom with me. And her hair was bothering her, making all five hairclips a necessity. It makes sense, right? Here, we made an entire meal of noodles and Cheerios just by using her Playdough gadgets. She kept hunkering down out of annoyance with my picture taking.

I took part in many toddler conversations today that went something like this:
Kaiya: Are there tomatoes in this soup?
Me: Yes, but don't worry. You don't have to eat them if you don't want to.
Kaiya: But I like tomatoes.
Me: Okay, then go ahead and eat them.
Kaiya: But mommy, I don't like tomatoes!
Me: (a combination of exasperated sigh and smile)

It was a quiet day. A much-needed day of HOME. We've been reeling this week with a very abrupt and unexpected change in daycare that has left us all upset and out-of-sorts. Almost two years, suddenly cut short. Kaiya's been on the edge, acting out, and in need of many more cuddles and reassurances than usual. She was beyond happy to have a quiet day at home with me.

And me? Well, me too. I'd love for a few extra cuddles and reassurances too! It's been a beautiful fall in many ways, but a difficult one as well, with many "life" stresses that have come and not gone. We're strong, but we're tired and in need of a serious "life" break. A quiet day at home today was a good start.


Rose said...

Wonderful. And I just noticed the quote in the corner. Hilarious.

lovetolaugh said...

LOVE you, Epp family! A lot!!!

(in true Kathy Form) CALL ME!!