Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Morsels of Life

In the midst of an all-day prep session for a new course I'm teaching, I'm feeling the need to procrastinate, I mean, to post an update on the little things going on in the Epp household these days.

Kaiya's foot is much better. The bruising is mostly gone, all except for her little toe. That toe is still kind of purplish, particularly the nail. My toe is getting better too, apart from the fact that I can't really put any pressure on it or curl it like I used to. I'm choosing to believe it's not broken.

This past Sunday we went for a fun little family trip to St. John's conservation area.
Kaiya enjoying the snow:

Me and Kaiya throwing snowballs at each other: (most of the time I formed them and gave them to her so that she could throw them at me.)

Me getting ready to schmuck Jeff's camera (I have my limits, and he must have taken a couple hundred shots of "snow on trees" by then.)

Later on Sunday, we found out that Jeff had sold a photo at the "Peace" art exhibit at Gallery 145. And although the gallery hasn't been around for long, his is the first photograph to ever be sold. Very exciting news! It's this photo here, taken in Taiwan in the very early morning hours after a grueling hike with a flashlight (while I was sleeping peacefully).

And finally, Kaiya has learned to make smiley faces. Aren't they great?

I'm feeling a lot of optimism about this year. I'm really liking the journey right now. It's good. And I'm choosing to mostly ignore the growing knot in my stomach as I await to hear news from CNA-Q in Qatar... news that may not come till the end of February! One day at a time. That's how we're rolling these days. Walking, watching, listening, sharing in this good life with all the good people we're blessed to be walking with.

For today, I'll leave you with some hippo-love. Kaiya's started asking for a daddy hippo for her hippo family. I guess momma hippo and teddy-daddy are on the outs. Momma's lookin' for a new man. We'll have to see what we can do about that...

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lovetolaugh said...

I have a daddy hippo...it's at work.. so there might be "drool" on it.... so the hunt must continue! ;)