Friday, February 25, 2011

The Friday Round-Up

THIS is Kaiya's favourite outfit right now:

Very bohemian-chique, don't you think?? She would wear this get-up every day if I let her. Today she has the pink & white giraffe dress on over a black and white striped shirt and black tights. In this picture, we were playing, "Let's walk me to school, mom." Hence the backpack and pink "lunch bag."

She told me this week that when she grows up, she's going to drive a car just like me.

Take your time, sweetheart.


Time for some random thankfulness.

Today I am thankful for the heavy, thick snow that is blanketing our city. I'm thankful for the Starbuck's coffee I convinced myself to stop for in the midst of my morning rush. I'm thankful for Jian Ghomeshi, even though I can't say his name, as well as the Canadian Songwriters channel on CBC radio 2. I'm thankful for time to clean the house and time to blog, even if it means I won't have time to prep my class. I'm thankful that I've discovered yoga, and that it calms and focuses me while busting my butt and stretching my body in ways I often don't think are physically possible. I'm thankful that I realized the St. John's Wort I was taking for my winter blues was for some reason giving me crazy anxiety. And now that I've stopped taking it, my week-long anxiety attack is done! I'm thankful that instead of enforcing Kaiya's bed time last night I pulled out the camera, engaging her wacky mood while snapping some crazy shots that we giggled over like two silly teenagers. I'm thankful that instead of going to bed early last night, Jeff sacrificed his sleep to sit on the couch and connect with me like I needed him to. I'm thankful for friends, old and new, and that I get to spend much time with them this weekend while sharing good food and drink. And as I posted on Facebook, I'm thankful that my future involves the purchase of a number of pairs of sandals and sunglasses, and some fun bathing suits too. :)

Life is full. All it takes is a weekly commitment to yoga (me) and another weekly commitment to volleyball (Jeff), and we are booked solid. Something has been up every single night of this week, and that's not generally how us Epps like to roll. Family time has been in short supply. I am sure that's why Kaiya's door swung open at 6:10 this morning. After checking on the status of mom and dad (sleeping), she politely played in her room until Jeff got up, but once that happened, it was a done deal. She was all over him until he finally scooted out the door an hour later. Morning breakfast-time with daddy has become one of Kaiya's favourite times of the day. Jeff both loves this chattery time with his adoring little girl, and stresses about how it pinches short his morning prep time.

Gone is the sleepy baby who once blessed us with two to three hour naps every afternoon, as well as a morning wake-up time of 8:30. To think I used to feel guilty for sometimes having to wake her up so that I could get to work! Oh no, that sleepy baby and toddler has been replaced with a giddy, giggly ball of energy who races through life from the moment she bounces out of her room in the morning till the blessed hour when we finally wrestle her to bed at night. As she informed me yesterday, quite seriously, "Napping is not a fun game for me." No kidding, darling.

Here's a couple other funny Kaiya-isms for the week...
1. While reading "Franklin Fibs," a very dozy mom, with eyes half closed, read, "His friends were astonished." To which Kaiya replied, "You mean, astounded." Um, yes dear, you're correct. The book does indeed say "astounded."
2. While driving to Zehrs with Jeff, Kaiya said, "Daddy, I want to go somewhere where there's no snow or ice." (Ah yes, a girl after her mother's own heart!) Jeff said, "Well, where should we go?" And she replied, "Let's go to Qatar!"

Oh, little one, you make your mommy smile.

And now, for the best part:

Have a great weekend, everyone!


robyn said...

Kathy EPP!

I love reading .... your heart and thoughts!

And i love love love the photo's!!
They are so fun! I love that you have these times with her and I love that they are captured!

I also love her outfit! I love that you let her wear it, even if it's sometimes... and I love the "Style" of it! Very "kathy". ;)

Love you!

Erika said...

awesome! i feel like the time is already slipping away and you'll be gone too soon. we have to get together next week. that's it. we're doing it!

Suzanne said...

Soo good to read. I agree with mom, I need to see you because time seems to be slipping away too fast.

I'm thankful for your blog and how it keeps me updated on all the ups and downs of the Epp household. Ok, not all, but some fun ones all the same.

Rose said...


mariaborito said...

well, i must say it's nice to hear that you've joined the rest of us no-nappers!
it's funny how these girls just love to wear everything layer on layer. being their own fashion designers is where it's at. great job kaiya girl!
hey, you're leaving so soon, we should get together! oh wait, we can't. what? this is too weird.

Karen said...

So, I finally got around to reading your blog and now I've discovered that I can actually comment on it too! (Did you do something to fix the word verification for me???)

I agree with the previous comments - great post with awesome pictures. Your little one is a cutie with "beaucoup de" character - takes after both mom and dad, I think!