Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Hooray! It seems we have finally turned a corner, rounded a bend in the world of diapers and potties. It appears that my daughter will NOT end up entering kindergarten still wearing plush, padded underpants after all. After months and months of on-and-off struggle, we have made it through two full accident-free days. (Well, as long as you don't count her mostly missing the potty...)

The fact of the matter is that Jeff and I just didn't have it in us. We weren't ready to be the parents who constantly nagged and reminded. "Do you need to pee?" "Why don't you go and try?" Particularly when we were dealing with such stubborn material. "NO. I don't WANT to!" Any time we tried, we were met with complete resistance. And on rare willing days, we were often met with the look of a surprised little girl who didn't quite understand the warm, wet sensation that was yet again dribbling down her leg. And so we ignored the tiny voices in our heads that said, "But she's three." When we removed ourselves from our own stubborn frustrations, we could see that she just wasn't quite ready.

And so we played the game. Bought her some cute underwear. Encouraged her whenever she was willing. Tried (and sadly, often failed) to be patient through each insistent refusal to try, followed two minutes later by yet another accident.

The tide turned in our favour this week. We had gone a couple weeks without even bothering. All diapers, who cares. And then, one night, Jeff was sitting with Kaiya on his lap, watching some of our family videos together. In one, Kaiya was jumping on our bed in her underwear. As she watched the video, Kaiya wondered out loud what she was wearing, and we reminded her it was her underwear. And that's all it took. She decided in that moment that that's what she wanted to be wearing. Period. I was naturally nervous. The next day was a daycare day, and I wasn't sure how she would do. So I packed two extra sets of clothes and hoped for the best. When I picked her up at the end of the day, I saw what I had expected to see: Kaiya in a different set of clothes. But her teacher quickly corrected my thinking, "Oh, no, no accidents today. We just had to change her because she spilled water all over herself." REAlly... And then she went on to tell me that they had even forgotten to put a diaper on her at nap time, and she had simply gotten up and taken care of business when she needed to.

Yes, I think we're finally there.


In other Epp news, I definitely hit a new low today. Kaiya and I strolled our way to the market this morning, and in light of recent events, made sure to make a stop at the washroom. While I was taking care of MY business, Kaiya suddenly said, "Oooops. Mittens gone." I looked all around in panic. Not the brown mittens! The beautiful, good-quality mitts bought in October which have many a time been almost lost, and then, quite miraculously found. Once, during a walk at daycare, the whole group turned back to find them after Kaiya tossed them out of the wagon. Another time, I sent Jeff back out to check all over in the snow when he lost them on the way into the house. (For the record, they have never been lost in my presence. I am always hyper-aware of their location. Well, okay, except for that one moment today. But I was on the toilet, for goodness sake! A woman needs a break every now and then!)

So where did they go? I'll give you three guesses. If you're a woman, you'll get it on the first one. Ladies, ever been to a public restroom where there are special garbages for certain unmentionables? Garbages where the lid pops up, you insert -item- and then it disappears into oblivion? Yep. That's where Kaiya's mitts went. For a moment, I was going to leave them. Let bygones be bygones. But then ridiculous-Kathy kicked in, the Kathy that gets me through most of life's predicaments and reminds me where my daughter gets her iron will. "NO. NOT THE BROWN MITTS. THEY WILL NOT BE LOST. THEY WILL NOT BE FORSAKEN. WE'VE ALMOST MADE IT THROUGH THE WINTER. WE MUST SUCCEED!!" I checked the garbage. There was no way that lid was coming off. It was sealed. Tight. So I got the fancy lid to open. (No joke... this one has a small section that automatically opens when you simply hover your hand an inch above the lid. It's meant to be super sanitary. Ha. Ha.) I looked inside. I considered whether my hand was small enough to fit into the opening. I frowned as I observed and considered the contents. And then I did it. I stuck my hand in. Gingerly. I couldn't quite make it to the bottom. So I tipped the garbage over. Gingerly. Prompting all of the contents of the garbage to rush toward my hand. I grabbed the mitts, groaned in disgust, and tossed them into the bottom of the stroller, trying to ignore their distinct feeling of damp. Yuck!!!!

And then I told Kaiya to shove her hands in her pockets if they got cold.

Ya. The mitts are in the wash now.

Oh, and did I mention that once that fiasco was over, and my hands were washed, and we were all bundled up again and ready to go into the market, Kaiya informed me that she needed to pee?


And finally... I have found a new and wonderful way to both entertain Kaiya and give myself a break while I am sick. Because anyone who knows me knows that I am 100% suck when I am sick. And I am. Sick. It may just be a slight sniffle, but it's enough to send me over the edge of suck-land. Boohoo. Poor me. Please take pity.

A pirate ship! It may not look like one, but it is. Fashioned out of the mattress that I pulled off the bed in the office, and plunked right smack in the middle of our living room floor. It's brilliant, really. WHY didn't I think of this sooner? Kaiya and I lay back on it, paddling the water with our spatulas, and spotting far-off monsters through our toilet paper rolls. All while I got to rest my sick and miserable head. And when we got tired of that, we read fairy books and newspaper flyers. We'll be back at it again tomorrow, for sure.

Don't you love the teddy with the tighty-whities on? Everyone in the house is potty-trained now.

And here we are making our best pirate faces. Frightening, no?


brent said...

I love story time with the Epps. Great stories indeed.

robyn said...

Congratulations Kaiya! Well done!! Wonderful job!

Kathy Epp, Your story about the Brown Mittens, I swear is the reason we are friends!!! I absolutely love you.

This was a great post. I love your honesty, and your pirate that order!

Rose said...

YAY Kaiya!! That is SO wonderful. I can't believe that you stuck your hand in there!!!! WOW! Those mitts better be framed and cherished forever!

wendy h said...

Great read!I love the mitten story! Such bravery.

Karen said...

What to say.....??????? I might never shake your hand again..... Actually, have I really ever shaken hands with you....??? Not sure.... But I must admit your life certainly is one adventure after another.... Gotta go now and try to forget about the mittens.... Or I could share with my parenting class the sacrifices one makes when being a mother.... Maybe this one will prevent teen pregnancy.... Can you tell I'm scarred?

Erika said...

very good news about the potty training. i'm sure you will keep pinching yourself for a week or two.

Karen said...

Hey, so because I was so scarred about the mittens, I forgot all about commenting on the potty training. YAAAAAY for Kaiya being toilet trained!!!! How awesome is that!!! High fives for Kaiya!

gypsy said...

Karen, I am so glad that you're able to comment again. :) I didn't switch anything up, so I'm not sure why it works now, but I'm glad it does.

Suzanne said...

That first comment from "Brent" is actually from me. Forgot to switch accounts.