Friday, March 25, 2011


Kaiya and I were playing this morning with her latest obsession ... her Mega Bloks. She's had these for at least a year and has played with them on and off for a long time. But lately she's taken to making "ice pops" and "ice cream cones" from the single blocks. She'll take two Mega Blok tree stumps we have. Yes, tree stumps. Those apparently are the cones. And then she'll stack them high with single blocks. One cone for me, and one for her, usually with matching "flavours." Vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, and CHO-CO-late.

She was a particularly happy little girl today, humming a repetitive little tune while she created her flavours for the day, so I decided to join in and hum along. After a few moments, she turned to me and said, "Stop constasising me."
"What?" said I, stopping to think about Nathan and his "cohesified" life...
"Stop constasising me."

I think I asked her about three times to repeat the word, partly because I was trying to figure out what word she might possibly be trying to say, and partly because I was desperately trying to stick it in my memory.

Little monkey seemed to be growing tired of my constant need for repetition, so I finally said, "What does that word mean, Kaiya?"

You could practically see her rolling her 3-year old eyes at me as she said, "Mom, it's called being riDIculous."

Evidently I've been told.

And to capture the spirit of the moment (and give you your Friday smile), here's Jeff's favourite "latest & greatest" picture of our silly little girl:

Can't you just hear that hysterical giggle? One thing we've gots ourselves is a happy little girl. That's for sure!


by Mama B said...

That word is quite a mouthful! LOL I love the things they come out with at this age. Yesterday a dropped slice of apple elicited a, "That's just so, so 'scusting!" A small paper cut was met with a very dramatic, "I tore myself open!" 3 is a wonderful age!

Jasmine said...

haha i actually looked up this word in google...
just in case I was missing something lol.
Personally I was a fan of the way she told me that the food she was eating was Delicious!! she said it so dramatically.