Monday, April 04, 2011

My Latest Favourite

I have been listening to this song over and over again this past week. "Turn to Stone" by Ingrid Michaelson. Take a listen. It's worth it.

Let's take a better look
Beyond a storybook
And learn our souls are all we own
Before we turn to stone

Let's go to sleep with clearer heads
And hearts too big to fit our beds
And maybe we won't feel so alone
Before we turn to stone

And if you wait for someone else's hand
You will surely fall down
And if you wait for someone else's hand
You'll fall, you'll fall

I know that I am nothing new
There's so much more than me and you
But brother, how we must atone
Before we turn to stone

And brother, how we must atone
Before we turn to stone
Before we turn to stone

I wish I could express to you all that this song has meant to me this week. I wish I could take you inside my head and heart to feel the swelling of emotion I experience every time I hear this song.

I have struggled for the past day or so to put into words what this song is about for me. And if I don't publish this post soon, I fear it will be banished to the unpublished "mental block" section of my blog. A sad and lonely place indeed.

When I listen to this song, I go to this strange space in my soul where I process things, but not with words. Highly unusual for me, being a very word-oriented person. I think that's why I'm struggling to write this down. Let's just say that's it's more like flashes of pictures, memories, hopes, regrets, dreams, and losses. You could say, really, that it's a place of prayer.

And I drink deeply from that place and allow it to heal me and to help me keep moving forward... through the sadness I feel at someone dear slipping through our fingers, through our continued hopes for new life, through hurtful circumstances, and difficult decisions... through the continued cycles of life.

And each time, I come out cleaner on the other side. Recharged and full of hope and the celebration of life, all over again.


I discovered Ingrid Michaelson about a month before my trip to Qatar last June. In just enough time to fall in love with her and download a few of her albums onto my ipod. I have very good memories of getting to know her on that long flight to Doha, letting her music lull me, relax me, soothe me into a deep sleep. I remember, specifically, dipping in and out of sleep while listening to her song, "The Chain," which left me with this incredible feeling of being sung to sleep with an unending lullaby. (Listen to it; you'll understand)

I also remember how each night, when I missed Jeff and Kaiya the most, her songs would bring me right back to them, to the warm circle of love that we share. And I could fall asleep.

I think one day, when I look back, I'll strongly associate Ingrid with the good changes that have been happening in my life this past year. And I'll associate her with our decision to move to Qatar, and all of the joys and heartaches that this entails.

I know my words haven't done justice here, but that's okay. Just listen to the song, and let it wash over you. And maybe you too will feel a bit of what I'm talking about.

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robyn said...

She is purely wonderful, a wise soul and a FAVOURITE of mine. :) I'm glad you love her! Thanks for this.