Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Saturday

Yesterday was a success, much in contrast to how we thought it would go when the day began. After a late night, followed by not being able to fall asleep till 1:30, followed by a crying Kaiya crawling into our bed at 2:30, followed by a 6:30am Kaiya wake-up call, we thought we were doomed. Tempers were very, very short, and all three of us were very, very tired. Did I mention I was sick, too? Ya, my hopes for the day were not high.

But we did it! And we were even blessed with sunshine and warm weather, which made the day even better.

It's true, folks. I can feed 13 people. And well. Okay, so Scotty couldn't make it, but there would have been more than enough, I swear! And beer, too!

Here are my favourites from the day:

Kaiya has decided she's a bit of a hairdresser. Here she is, doing Jasmine's hair. She totally gets the concept (probably cause she's seen me do it a million times...) Flip it, twist it, put the hair clip in. But she could definitely use a bit of help in the area of gentleness. I know from experience. Ouch!
Thanks Jasmine, for being a good sport. :)

Granny with two of her grandkids, 20 (or so) years apart.

Kaiya whacking around a stick while Dustin throws her a ball. Cuz that's how we roll here on George Street.

Kaiya trying on Uncle Dave's glasses.

There's nothing better than a 3-year old wearing bifocals and riding her tricycle around in a small house full with 11 other people. Seriously.

Her cousins "hid" chocolate eggs for her all over the backyard. I swear, this girl is going to have (already has?) a huge ego. Eleven adults were applauding her every move. Slightly intimidating?

Kaiya agreed to having Auntie Dagmar give her French braids. These braids are famous, I tell you. I still remember the crowns of braids Candice and Jasmine used to have when they were little. Amazing! I may know how to write, but my dexterity is ... somewhat non-existent. I'm in awe of your creative abilities, Dagmar. And I'm not being sarcastic! (We Urbancoks have to qualify statements like that, yes we do.)

The final product: beautiful!

My only regret of the evening is not getting a picture of Candice riding Kaiya's tricycle through the house with Kaiya standing on the back and hanging on. You'll just have to use your imaginations. It was quite a sight!

Well I'm still on the mend, so off to bed I go. I hope everyone had a great Easter.

Love to you all...


mariaborito said...

oh happy easter to you! looks like so much fun. great pics. thanks for sharing your family life with us!
i forgot my camera at our gatherings but it was great as well. a total different experience with 12 kids running around. but still a delight to see them all look for their hidden chocolate surprises! doesn't it seem like they/we get sweets every two months? halloween, christmas, valentines and then easter. sheesh! i never noticed before i had kids:)

Erika said...

great pictures kathy. yes, your experience and maria's would be very different but having kids makes it all worth it:-)