Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Plain Weird

A few faithful readers have been mentioning that lately my blog always makes them tear up, choke up, full-on cry. And I keep saying, "Sorry, but I don't think it's going to get better any time soon." This space serves as my thought-processing arena, and when you're getting ready to say good-bye, those thoughts can be kind of heavy.

But you're lucky today. Today we have news straight from the "WTF" channel. I mean, seriously out-of-left-field, bizarro news.

Last week I was checking out the stats on the blog, and I noticed some wildly unprecedented blog traffic. Usually it's a really good day if we get say, around 30 visits and page views. But last week those numbers were completely blown out of the water. Suddenly, in one day, we had about 700 visits and page views. "Hey!" I thought, "We're famous! Some really cool blogger out there for some unknown reason has found our blog and linked to it! Cool!"

So I quickly checked out the "referrals" section, wondering what wonderful site was helping us to generate all of this amazing traffic. And my jaw promptly dropped. Fell to the floor. And I moaned, "Oh noooooooooo.... You've got to be kidding."

What I found was a link to "Bloody Disgusting: Your #1 Source for Horror." It appears that our homely little blog was found worthy of being linked to through this lovely "news" site. Why? you ask. Yes, yes. I asked the same terrifying question. And in shocked, well, horror, I soon found out. It appears that under the category "OMFG of the Day," (so creative, aren't they?) this awe-inpiring site features an article about a Jurassic Park-style love hotel in Japan. A love hotel that we happened to pass by and snap a picture of during our southern Japan travels. The site displays three pictures of the exterior of the hotel, and while it credits us with taking all of them, in actual fact, only the last one is ours. In the article, they also state, "The site scored a slew of weird images that come from this link." And "this link" links directly to our humble blog. To this page actually (please check it out and have a laugh at our expense): "Home Away from Home"

There we are, Jeff and I, in Beppu Japan, posing next to all the famous hot springs. And oh yes, there is a nice little picture of Jeff, taking a self-portrait while bathing in one of the hot springs. And yes, a little further down is one tiny little picture of the Jurassic Park-style love hotel. "A slew of weird images," huh? I guess WE were the weird images. Bet THEIR readers were disappointed!!

On the upside, I told Jeff, "Just think. Hundreds of people around the world have now seen you bathing in a hot spring naked." :)

If you want to read the article yourself, just click on the link below. It's really edifying material, I tell you. And hey, we might as well return the favour. After all, we are STILL getting hits from this link. Sheesh. The Internet is truly a thing of beauty.

OMFG of the Day: Japan Hosts 'Jurassic-Park' Love Motel

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Suzanne said...

That is hilarious. How incredibly random.